Smart Mathematical Algorithms

The integrated and holistic control of all processes drives the efficiency of the material flow in the entire distribution center (e.g. for the order sequence, the assignment or the replenishment). Each part of the entire process chain has to be synchronized with all other processes to avoid bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This leads to an optimization and stabilization of the overall productivity. Thus, a global point of view is important. You have not only to optimize every single process on its own but to synchronize them all together (like a gear-wheel) and to have a good understanding of the interdependencies.

Smart algorithms have demonstrated an enormous potential for such challenges. They allow defining targets, for example costs, throughput or productivity. Moreover, individual restrictions and priorities can be adapted, which leads to a robust system concept and enables a parameter setting according to the targets for controlling the system.

Smart algorithms can be applied to benefit in areas like:

  • Warehouse control, floor and space management
  • Express zones control
  • Order sequencing
  • Replenishment (internal, external)
  • Returned goods management
length of picking tours

The combination of the algorithms and the web-based modeling and optimization tool allows the best possible adaptation and fine tuning of algorithms regarding the individual logistic task.

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