Logivations is an international consulting and cloud computing company with headquarters in Munich. Many well-known German and international customers trust in the holistic approach by Logivations and W2MO - Supply chain, location planning, optimization and Deep Machine Learning - integrated in one solution.



Logivations VW Top-Innovator


What will be the state of technology tomorrow is currently under development by us today. Logivations is the leader in innovative solutions for logistics. The latter is ensured by the professional management and consulting expertise together with a proven track record of successful projects.

Logivations core competence consists in the use of the latest mathematical methods and software (web-) technologies for logistic processes and systems. Logivations is worldwide leading in combining Logistics and Mathematics aimed at the immediate success of our customers.

Logivations counts on the latest web technologies. Consequently, there are no relics of outdated technologies by us. The result: Solutions in which the strengths of web technologies are the core ones and not just added on the front end side. It allows substantial solutions from logistics optimization available just 'on demand' to everybody up to high performing applications in a fully operational environment.

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