Digitalization of Supply Chain and Intralogistics

There are groundbreaking changes coming in the next few years not only in production but also in logistics. Digitalization will increasingly cover all processes. Logivations supports its customers on the way to a digital supply chain and intralogistics. With the unique combination of algorithms and AI methods as well as cross-industry logistics know-how, our experienced consultants and IT experts together with our customers develop innovative concepts for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Construction of AI-based knowledge base

  • Collection of all relevant data from a heterogeneous system environment
  • Unification of semantics
  • Use of AI framework to:
    • Fix data errors
    • Supplement missing data
    • Extrapolate future scenarios

Creation of a digital twin of in-house logistics or supply chain

  • Building a model in W2MO
  • Creating transparency about cost drivers
  • Creating scenarios
  • Simulation of supply chain
  • Determination of optimization potentials

Automated update of the digital twin

  • Installation of database connector for automated data extraction
  • Building of business logic processes in the interface
  • Automated update of W2MO model
  • As a result, there is always a digital image of the AS IS situation

Algorithms and artificial intelligence in daily practice

  • Operational use of intelligent algorithms for planning and optimization
  • Integration in company systems
  • Preparation of customized reports and monitor functions
  • Monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Planning and optimization of logistics concepts
  • Supply chain engineering
  • Operational use of optimization algorithms
  • Supply network planning

Have a look at our numerous successful projects in this area:

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