Increased efficiency SAP EWM/WM/TM/ERP

Being a SAP Application Development Partner for several years, Logivations supports in implementation of new technologies and in simulation and optimization of structures, product flows and processes by a practical and holistic approach.

Machine learning and mathematical optimization allow an impressive efficiency increase for SAP EWM, WM / LES, TM or ERP.

Advanced Slotting (optimized product placement) and warehouse space allocation strategies
  • Determine the best place for all products, decrease walking / driving times, reduce process costs and increase picking efficiency
  • Directly during putaway - as an extension of the SAP standard logic – and for periodic reorganization as well
  • Many constraints are available in the standard
3D-Package Builder for carton and portfolio optimization
  • Directly integrated in SAP TM, forecast of the required transport capacity and pallet / packing scheme
  • Transport consolidation by optimal loading of shipping containers (pallets, cartons, gitter boxes, containers)
  • Automatic generation of packing schemes for easy and step-by-step pallet and carton building with 3D view in browser / tablet
Camera-based object identification (identification and packing station)
  • Directly in the real time process flow with video documentation, identification gates
  • Automatic identification of products and quantities with and without barcodes
  • Communication with other systems (WMS, SAP) for verification

SAP Application Development Partner

As SAP Application Development Partner, Logivations offers direct compatibility to your SAP systems and a fully standardized integration done by our experts to increase efficiency of IT systems in warehouse and logistics. The needed installations to improve SAP EWM can be set-up short term. On the SAP side, an interface component is implemented in the SAP EWM. This interface is directly available from SAP, Logivations will be happy to provide the needed contacts. W2MO is then installed in the customer's network (or temporary on a laptop) and connected to SAP EWM via web services. The web services enable a direct data exchange for the relevant standard data files. Customer specific data files can then be added and transferred using the same technology. W2MO covers "White Spaces" (as defined by SAP) for partner solutions.

You are not yet using SAP EWM, but SAP WM/LES or another LVS? W2MO can be successfully implemented to increase efficiency and to be used with individual interfaces in this case as well.

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