Opportunity Assessment

Current times show us once more that we are living in a very dynamic environment. This also influences requirements for logistics operation. Order volume or structure can change, volume is shifted between sales channels, new channels or product groups are integrated in existing operations or improved service levels have to be fulfilled.

Typical questions that has to be answered are:

  • What are current drivers for our logistics efforts?
  • Do our processes still fit to our order and product structure?
  • What is the limiting factor for scalability?
  • What is needed for future growth?
  • What can we improve to grow in existing infrastructure?
  • Is our equipment still suitable or can we integrate new technologies?
  • Is the utilization of our equipment as expected or is there a gap between industry standards and our performance?
  • Are we using our capacities optimally or do we loose efficiency e.g. by an unbalanced workflow?
  • What can we achieve by applying smart algorithms?
  • Do we have limitations caused by our IT systems?
  • Is our organizational and shift structure supporting our logistics needs?

Step 1:
AS IS Analysis

  • Data analysis
  • Setup Digital Twin for current operation
  • Evaluation load and capacity usage (static and dynamic)
  • Benchmark with industry standards
  • Identification of pain points

Step 2:
Scenario calculation

  • Derivation of improvements for processes
  • Computation of growth scenarios
  • Simulation of effects of changes for whole material flow
  • Evaluation of resulting labour effort and capacity usage
  • Requirements for equipment and IT systems
  • Estimate of investment for realization
  • Economic feasibly analysis

Step 3:

  • Presentation of results
  • Summary of conclusions and recommendations
  • Preparation of specification sheets
  • Implementation plan
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