Registration for “Logivations AI-Lab Days” in Munich
12 and 13 September 2023 (see open time slots below)
Conference language: German

At our Logivations-AI-Lab Days in Munich, we demonstrate LIVE the benefits of using artificial intelligence. You are welcome to discuss potential areas of application with our experts, e.g. in the areas of supply chain, digital twin, algorithms, artificial intelligence for object recognition, master data acquisition, tracking of goods and transporters, optimization of all logistics processes.


Modern optimization algorithms for operational IT systems
  • Advanced Slotting
  • Optimized tour building
  • Capacity and workforce planning
  • 3D cubing (case pack)
  • Digital Twin, logistics planning and process optimization
  • Digital Twin for planning new facilities and simulation of layout and process changes
  • Digital Twin for optimization of running operations
  • Scanner-free logistics based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Measure and count products, find barcodes and QR-codes and read them, locate and read text – no manual scanning needed
  • Management, optimization and control of the packing process
  • Master data acquisition using AI
  • W2MO RTL&RS (Real Time Location & Recognition System)
  • Tracking for all types of movements in a warehouse (goods, forklifts, people, ...)
  • Automatic Booking into WMS
  • Intelligent fleet management of mixed fleets

    Supply Chain Engineering and Supply Network Planning: Holistic planning and optimization of your Supply Chain

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