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IoT Day 2019 – Digital Twin

27. Juni 2019 | DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf

With Logivations you can find out how to create a digital twin for logistics design, 3D-simulation, VR visualization, optimization and evaluation of processes in supply chain, warehouse and production logistics.

DHL is launching its inaugural IoT Day at the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany. With the theme "Experience connected logistics", this unique event will explore the infinite opportunities brought by billions of connected things to the logistics industry.

Future Technologies in Logistics

29 August 2019 | Live in DE-Hannover

09 October 2019 | Live in Brussels

10 October 2019 | Live in FR-Paris

Supply Chain, Logistics planning, AGV, Optimization and Deep machine learning - Logivations offers the optimal all-in-one solution W2MO to support you in the challenges of digital transformation and new customer requirements. Discover the full potential of these new technologies in our free "Future Technologies in Logistics"- Events.

SAP-Infoday Warehouse and Transport Management 2019

05. November 2019 | RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden

This year, Logivations takes part in the SAP-Infoday in Wiesbaden again. Learn more about the numerous top innovations of W2MO and get inspired for your projects at the SAP Info Day Warehouse and Transport Management 2019. "Freedom for innovation through networked logistics" is this year's SAP Warehouse and Transport Management Info Day motto, on November 5.

At the SAP Info Day, SAP and its partners will present solutions and technologies that can help companies accelerate their path to an integrated, digital supply chain and create room for innovation.
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