Tracking & Localization of transporters

Localization of all transporters

By using fixed cameras with localization in the W2MO model, all areas of the warehouse can be monitored. Movements of AGVs, forklifts, picking carts, other transporters or pallet cages are identified by Logivations’ camera technology. The position information is transmitted to W2MO in real time. Thus all transporters can be localized at any time and the 3D view shows their exact locations in the warehouse at any time.


The gained transparency enables a better and more efficient response to short-term order changes in vehicle usage. As a result unnecessary driving distances can be reduced.

Privacy protection is crucial to us. All data is analyzed directly on the camera. There is no need to transfer or store images over a network. Moreover, we also use our pixelation technology here.

Transparency across all paths in the warehouse

Complete transparency across all paths is not always given in each area in warehouses at the moment. However, this is an important foundation for optimization projects. The tracking of transporters such as forklifts throughout the entire warehouse enables a wide range of evaluation options. This allows to analyze each spot in the warehouse:

  • Frequency of transporter starts
  • Average speed
  • Used driving paths
  • Downtimes of transporters

These analyses can be generated in real time for each individual transporter but also for the entire fleet. Furthermore, evaluation period is freely adjustable and the path analysis can be visualized as a heatmap.

The following picture shows a heatmap highlighting the used paths of vehicles in a selected period for each spot of the warehouse - The red area is much frequented. Determination of such a bottleneck is the starting point for a well-founded warehouse optimization.


Reduction of downtimes

Unused transporters cause unnecessary costs. With the help of W2MO tracking of transporters, downtimes can be quickly identified and saving potentials can be analysed. The 'active' period can be determined for each transporter. Furthermore, spots in which transporters are often idle, can be easily visualized.

Further analyses

With the help of Deep Machine Learning technology, any other objects in the warehouse can also be identified. For example, people can be localized to analyze the utilization of aisles. The privacy of the employees is always protected, as persons are not identified with Logivations face recognition and pixelation.

In addition to the complete tracking and tracing of the transported goods and materials, free or occupied lanes are also determined. The gathered information is very valuable and can be considered for workforce planning and product placement The usage of transporters can thus be made transparent and efficient.

W2MO also enables an integrated view with Activity-Based Costing and Video-Based Process Studies to identify and evaluate possible process improvements. To be able to directly react in critical situations, a LIVE overview of the transporters used can be shown as in the following video

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