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Logivations consulting competence is well-known in the logistics area by its tried and tested approach during the simulation and optimization of structures, product flows and processes for long-lasting efficiency increase of logistics centers and networks.

In warehouse and production logistics, we focus on efficiency increase of existing warehouse management systems (among others SAP) e.g. optimized assignment (slotting), performance evaluation, load balancing, visualization and management of warehouses in 2D & 3D, case portfolio optimization.

Optimized location search, simulation of product flows, supply chain & freight cost controlling are the core topics of optimization by Logivations Consultants during the supply chain examination.

Simulation of logistics systems and networks is one of the most important tools for analysis and optimization of existing logistics applications as well as for assurance and planning of new investments.

Logivations has extensive experience in planning and has performed various warehouse simulations. Our project approach is based on the proven industry standard VDI 3633.


Logivations Consultants use multi-awarded software W2MO which efficiently puts into practice various logistics aspects and standard time model for precise and efficient modeling.

Simulation and optimization models developed once can be easily reused by you or our consultants for further consideration - this creates investment security.

Certain logistics strategies can be specifically checked by the various optimization algorithms to identify the best approach for you.

Have a look at our numerous successful projects in this area:

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