Algorithms and artificial intelligence in operational use

A core element of Logivations' work is to bring developed concepts and strategies into operative practice together with the client. Smart algorithms and methods from the field of artificial intelligence are integrated into the existing system environment or installed as a standalone application. This affects e.g. optimized assignment, tour building or pack schema calculation, but also solutions for tracking and autonomous transport systems.

Logivations has been successfully using an agile process model with an incremental/iterative approach for years for fast and transparent project implementation, even in complex systems.

Project procedure for operative planning and optimization systems

Software agile implementation process

The main advantage of this approach is that there is transparency about the current status in all phases of the project and that direct feedback from all project participants is incorporated into the further steps.

This is achieved by providing an intermediate version at the end of each iteration (also called Sprint in Scrum), which the customer can test regularly. This way immediate implementation of customer feedback is realized, and a concretization of the requirements and optimization of the solution is achieved.

Project procedure for AI projects

The paradigm shift associated with the use of algorithms from the field of artificial intelligence requires a customized approach in associated implementation projects. The classical approach does not consider that the performance of the algorithm depends on training with data that can only be obtained from the use case. A pilot phase is therefore required, during which fine-tuning takes place.

Software agile implementation process

With this approach, early tests in the real environment and the associated generation of specific training material can be carried out very quickly to achieve a powerful target configuration.

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