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Efficiency Boost Through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins

23 March, 2023
Logivations presents specific use cases of AI at LogiMAT

Logivations GmbH, an international consulting and technology company based in Munich, will be presenting the unique spectrum of features of the cloud-based software W2MO at LogiMAT in Stuttgart from April 25th to 27th, 2023 (Hall 8, Stand F05) under the motto "Real Applications for Efficiency Boost Through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins”. Specific application examples and cutting-edge developments of the solutions that have been successfully used in practice for years will be showcased:
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When Space is at a Premium in your Warehouse: W2MO Warehouse Structure Optimization

23 February, 2023
Up to 25% Increase in Net Storage Capacity – Quick and Easy

With the W2MO warehouse structure optimization, Logivations is presenting a new AI algorithm with which capacity has been significantly enhanced in 25 warehouses already - without investing in building expansions. The W2MO warehouse structure optimization has now been in practical use for more than 2 years and is mainly in use to optimize bulk storage in the beverage and construction industries. Always with a significant increase in storage capacity of up to 25%.

Real-time Digitization of the Logistics World

20 May, 2022
Logivations and Pixel Robotics present together at LogiMAT 2022

Consistently innovative and with impressive new features in "Real-time Digitization, Robotics & Process Optimization" Logivations is presenting its newest applications from 31.05. – 02.06.2022 at LogiMAT in Stuttgart (Hall 8, Stand F05). This year's co-exhibitor is their partner company Pixel Robotics GmbH – specializing in robotics and object recognition with artificial intelligence. We look forward to presenting you our innovative solutions LIVE at LogiMAT 2022! Book an appointment.

Artificial Intelligence Solves Master Data Issues

23 August, 2021
40 workstations with Logivations AI Software in use at Digitec Galaxus

Digitec Galaxus AG, the largest online retailer in Switzerland, and Logivations GmbH, an international consulting and technology company based in Munich, concluded a cooperation to improve Digitec Galaxus products master data with the help of Logivations Artificial Intelligence Software for Goods Recognition, Counting & Measurement. After conducting an extensive trial phase, the first 40 workstations for goods recognition and measurement are now, as planned, in operational use..

Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence automate distribution warehouses

22 October, 2020
Logivations delivers over 100 AGVs to BRUMMER

BRUMMER, the professional for temperature-controlled transport and warehouse logistics, and Logivations GmbH, an international consulting and technology company based in Munich, have agreed on an extensive cooperation for the digitization and automation of BRUMMER’s distribution warehouses. After an initial project, BRUMMER Logistik decided to completely digitize all warehouses and logistics processes inside their businesses. In addition, about 125 autonomous mobile robots are to be delivered by Logivations by the end of 2021 for the complete automation of all pallet transports. Logivations' technology allows the transport robots to be provided in a very lean and cost-effective manner. More information can be found here.

Social distancing at work: how artificial intelligence helps

28 April, 2020
Indoor person tracking for production and logistics

Health and safety work standards were defined during the Corona pandemic - a key element here is “Social Distancing”, i. a. the minimum distance of 1.5 m between persons. Logivations GmbH is an international consulting and technology company based in Munich that offers solutions using innovative object recognition and tracking based on machine learning. These are proven approaches used in production and logistics. Tracking of person movements is already included in the standard of W2MO Tracking and it can be installed on short notice. More information (and particularly a video) can be found here.
SAP features

Reach significant efficiency increases in SAP EWM, WM / LES, TM or ERP with Machine Learning, Digital Twin and Optimization Algorithms

6 August, 2019
Logivations showcases new technologies at the SAP Info Day 2019

Logivations GmbH, international consulting and technology company based in Munich will attend the SAP Info Day in Wiesbaden again this year. You can find us at the booth Nr. 14. As a long-term SAP Application Development Partner, Logivations supports with a practical and holistic approach the introduction of new technologies and the construction of so-called digital twins for the analysis, simulation and optimization of structures, flows of goods and processes. Through artificial intelligence for the tracking of forklifts, pallets etc., the controlling of AGVs as well as with optimization algorithms, a significant efficiency increase with SAP EWM, WM / LES, TM or ERP is possible. Machine Learning is also used to detect objects without a scanner.
New office

Logivations moves to its new corporate headquarters directly at the “Olympiapark” in Munich

29 May, 2019
AI lab, customer events and expert seminars in the ideal surroundings

The international consulting and technology company Logivations GmbH moved to its new headquarters on the top floor of “88 North” office complex at Munich “Olympiapark” in April 2019 and reacted to the continued strong growth. The new office in “88 North” in Riesstrasse is centrally located at one of the hotspots of the new professional world in Munich and fulfills all the requirements for an attractive working environment. In its own innovation center, Logivations further develops pioneering technologies as e.g. AI guided AGVs and helps companies in modernizing their logistics. Extensive test areas allow the usage of camera-based live tracking and exact navigation with millimeter precision. Logivations also gives customers and prospects insight into the AI lab.
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Logivation presents innovative technologies at the LogiMAT 2019

11 December, 2018
Machine learning for industrial camera infrastructure tracks transporters and product movements, controls AGVs and boosts the warehouse security

The Logivations GmbH, international consulting and technology company headquartered in Munich, presents its logistics and production innovations at LogiMAT in Stuttgart from 19 to 21 February 2019.

At two exhibition booths (booth 7 G01 and booth 8 F05) the experts from Logivations will demonstrate innovative technologies for holistic planning, controlling and optimization of all logistics aspects based on state-of-the-art optimization and web technologies together with “Deep Machine Learning”.

Logivations revolutionizes everyday industry and logistics with its Software W2MO and its innovative camera infrastructure. The system allows a redundant and error-correcting configuration, since several cameras can simultaneously capture the same objects and areas and determine their absolute positions.

Autonomous, camera-guided transporters with dynamic navigation in logistics

29 January, 2018
Logivations and A&A Logistik Equipment form strategic partnership to develop autonomous vehicles

The international consulting and software provider Logivations, the leader in “camera-based object identification in logistics”, will implement this technology in cooperation with A&A Logistik Equipment for the first time for controlling self-driving transporters in logistics. After all, sophisticated processes of “deep machine learning” and “Computer Vision” allow reliable recognition and localization of all relevant logistics objects. The revolutionary transporter will be presented already in March at the LogiMAT 2018. Due to camera technology, the vehicle has become fully autonomous. All the necessary safety equipment is on board as well.

Logivations´ impressive appearance at the LogiMAT 2017

20 March, 2017
Supply chain design, location planning, optimization and Deep Machine Learning - integrated in one solution!

Showing a completely renewed exhibition concept, Logivations GmbH impressed the logistics community from 14 to 16 March 2017 at the LogiMAT in Stuttgart. Attracting an enormous number of interested visitors, Logivations presented the wide spectrum of its integrated cloud computing solution W2MO. German and international customers trust in the company´s holistic approach for the optimization of logistics processes in distribution and production in their daily operations.

Volkswagen names Logivations as “Top-Innovator for Logistics Innovations”

30 November, 2016
Realtime Object Identification based on the breakthrough technology “Deep Machine Learning” ensures significant potential for efficiency increase in logistics

Logivations GmbH, the leading provider of innovative solutions for fast efficiency increase in logistics has been selected by the Volkswagen Group as one of the few “Top-Innovators” for logistics innovations. The innovators had the chance to present their solutions to more than 230 VW Managers from 18 countries at the Volkswagen “Innovative Logistics Solution Day” on 22 November.

Logivations announces major customer win

29 August, 2016
Pfeifer & Langen counts on Logivations W2MO for Strategic Network Planning

Pfeifer & Langen ranks among the most successful sugar producers in Europe. It offers a broad range of high-quality products within its brands Diamant Zucker and Kölner Zucker. Pfeifer & Langen counts on Logivations’ cloud-based strategic/tactical planning tool W2MO for the integrated holistic supply chain optimization from raw sugar production to final delivery to the customers.

Simple Analysis, Understanding and Optimization of Cost Structures even in Supply Chains with large amount of Data

23 February, 2016
Innovation at LogiMAT 2016 – Logistics Software for holistic Supply Chain Controlling

Logivations is represented at LogiMAT in Stuttgart this year once more: New and forward-looking approaches for a quick efficiency increase will be presented from 8 to 10 March, 2016. For the first time Logivations shows the extension for the established W2MO Logistics Suite, which has already proven itself by efficient controlling of highly complex supply chains and has enabled a quick overview of all costs and figures across the supply chain. As SAP Application Development Partner, Logivations can also offer a quick and easy integration with SAP.

Logivations introduces the first Smart Phone App for video-based Time Studies at the International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin

14 October, 2015
Revolutionary time measurement in logistics with W2MO software – direct integration with SAP

Logivations GmbH, one of the leading providers of integrated optimization solutions in logistics, introduces a new app for video-based time studies at the 32nd BVL congress in Berlin, which enables very easy and detailed time measurements with minimized effort for the user. The presented solution can forward the determined standard times directly to SAP or use the Logivations logistics software W2MO for e.g. calculations, activity-based costing, personal planning or optimization algorithms.

The Logistics Software W2MO Optimizes Supply Chain for the First Time on the Basis of Big Data

August 4, 2015
Logivations creates more transparency in intralogistics and logistics networks The Logistics Software W2MO Optimizes Supply Chain for the First Time on the Basis of Big Data

Transparency in logistics networks can be accomplished better and - especially - faster when using Big Data. From now on W2MO is able to collect Big Data (especially large and rapidly growing amount of data) from existing WMS and ERP solutions and afterwards effortlessly use it for supply chain analysis and optimization. Since W2MO is based on the latest in-memory database technologies, even huge data volume of more than 100 million records can be processed within a very short time.

First interactive optimization of logistics networks out of the cloud

November 19, 2014
Logivations at LogiMAT 2015 in Stuttgart

This year's event highlight: the world's first interactive optimization of logistics networks out of the cloud - easy, fast and cost-effective to get started. Users benefit from much faster visualization of location changes and newly added sites as well as the corresponding costs. At Logivations' stand (10 - 12 February, Stuttgart, hall 7, booth 7F03) logistics professionals have an opportunity to learn about various possibilities of using the new functionalities based on Google Maps.

Enhanced Activity-Based Costing considers exact paths

September 11, 2014
Fast, practical and precise calculation of logistics services with W2MO

The demand for logistic service providers is developing rapidly. The greatest day-to-day challenge for these providers is to calculate offers realistically. Before deciding whether and to what extend the logistics services have to be outsourced, various scenarios should be calculated. With this in mind, the topic of ABC is getting increasingly important. New calculation approaches often reveal unrecognized saving potential within logistics. With our new approach of a layout-related consideration, one can calculate such efforts within the enhanced ABC quite precisely. Logivations presents these methods at this year's LogiMAT (10 - 12 February, Stuttgart, hall 7, booth 7F03).

Gartner Report: Logivations becomes a "Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Management Applications"

May 15, 2013

Gartner Inc., a US research and advisory corporation, highlighted Logivations in this year's report "Cool Vendors in Supply Chain Management Applications". The report is focusing on a few outstanding companies which offer trend-setting, highly-promising innovative solutions for Supply Chain Management and Optimization. Full report is available on Gartner's website
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