AI-Based Identification Solutions in Logistics

Scanner free logistics based on Artificial Intelligence save significant work effort and add intrinsic stability to processes

easy to use and powerful

Fast AI-based barcode detection, identification and reading replaces manual scanning

phenomenal google geographic data

Deep Learning Technology for object identification without barcodes; counting and measuring products

easy to use and powerful

Perfect integration with the W2MO 3D Case Pack functionalities for optimized packing and 3D packing schemes

easy to use and powerful

Flexible setup applications through all processes from inspection at inbound logistics to fast packaging at outbound

easy to use and powerful

Direct quality control and documentation with images of the goods after opening / before closing the carton or container

easy to use and powerful

Full integration into the W2MO Logistics Suite allows direct use of timestamps to calibrate your warehouse simulation and calculate logistics and value-added services


  • Automate goods receival with a scannerless process that identifies products, gets dimensions and weight, and reads any additional information if necessary.
  • Speed up packing by avoiding manual scanning of products, as well as by utilizing a 3D packing scheme and having the process documented automatically.
  • Scan many barcodes and QR codes at one glance to accelerate the identification process.
  • Count many objects simultaneously using AI and computer vision technology for a safe and smooth packing process.
  • Measure objects during the identification process for a continuous improvement of master data availability and quality.
  • Train neural network for object identification using a simple process with a self-explaining interface.

Scanner free packaging

  • Camera and recognition box installed at work station for packing
  • Focus of camera on handling area — person is not filmed
  • Automatic identification of products and quantities by moving them through the detection zone before putting them into the box / container
  • Combination of barcode reading, text recognition, and object identification for different products can be done in one step
  • Automatic comparison with packaging list and immediate confirmation or notification of discrepancy. Visual and acoustic feedback.
  • Visualization of 3D packing scheme
  • Storing of images for later visual verification or to provide information to customers
  • Communication with other systems (WMS, SAP)

The whole packing process at a work station is observed by a camera with a recognition box. As only a certain “detection zone” is in focus of the camera, a person is not visible on the video stream so that there are no privacy issues. With the use of algorithms from AI and Computer Vision labels, barcodes and QR codes are decoded, text is read, and objects are identified. One of the big advantages is that several objects can be identified in one glance. An automated comparison with the packing list is the last step to this scanner free packing solution. Correct products are confirmed, for wrong items an error notification is raised. As the whole solution is fully integrated in W2MO, the 3D packing scheme can also be visualized. As the whole packing process is documented pictures can be stored for documentation and later reference.

Count and Measure

  • Automated counting of objects
  • Possibility of customer specific enhancements for special setups
  • Measuring of products in all three dimensions
  • Optional setup with integrated scale for weight measurements
  • Continuous improvement of master data
  • No additional effort for evaluating master data

Besides identifying products, the number of items for each product can also be determined. This supports the packing process but can also be applied in, for example, a production step. Special conditions, like identification of packaging material and counting of non-labelled items, can be learned by a customer-specific neural network. During these processes geodata of the products can also be measured and stored in a linked system. With an integrated scale the same applies to the weight of the product. So master data are constantly checked, extended and improved. This has a direct positive impact on all logistic processes that rely on master data like setting up pick tours, finding the right packaging material, or assigning the product to a well dimensioned bin in the warehouse.

Large scale object recognition

Possible Application: Identification Gate

  • Automatic detection and booking of boxes/pallets when passing a gate
  • Automated lighting for best conditions to read labels
  • No need to stop the transporter
  • Traceability with help of video documentation possible

Possible Application: Automated Goods Receival

  • Identifying and booking all visible pallets with a label
  • Reading labels from a large distance
  • Utilizing a rotary PTZ camera to find all the labels in a larger area
  • Zooming to every detected label and reading information

Logivations’ revolutionary identification technology can be used for automatic product recognition and direct booking. To accomplish this, identification gates can be set up at any station in the warehouse. For example, the load of a tugger train can be automatically detected and identified right when it is passing through an identification gate. It is not necessary to stop the transporter. The camera finds and recognizes all the barcodes or products / cartons and displays the linked object information either on a control screen or forwards it directly in real time via the W2MO interface to the warehouse management system for fully automatic booking of the goods. The resulting video documentation also enables complete traceability.

If a larger area needs to be observed, for instance an inbound area where the trucks arrive, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras are used. All visible pallets and cartons of a delivery can be identified in only one step at the inbound station and will automatically be booked after the approval. Rotary PTZ cameras can be used to identify multiple objects from larger distances simultaneously. The camera recognizes labels automatically and zooms to the ideal recognition distance to read the barcode on it and moves automatically to the next label after the recognition.

Automatic goods recognition and booking bring numerous advantages. Manual efforts are reduced to the minimum, the throughput time drops considerably by performing identification while the process is ongoing, and productivity and process reliability increase enormously.

Training of Deep learning algorithms

  • Use of neural networks and deep learning algorithms for object identification
  • Recognition of products based on optical attributes without labels or barcodes
  • Training of algorithm with example images to learn patterns
  • Training of neural network can be done by user following a simple process with a self-explaining interface
  • Detection rates of more than 99% possible

The reading of barcodes is already included in Logivations AI-based object identification solutions and can be used directly after installation. If the objects have to be additionally distinguished or identified based on their visual characteristics without labels or barcodes, the intelligent deep machine learning algorithm comes into play.

The algorithm is trained with images of the relevant objects. To make this training process as simple as possible a rotating "learning platform" is available with which a minute is enough to take pictures of the products in the relevant perspectives. The algorithm indicates by itself whether additional images have to be taken. This revolutionary user-friendly training of new objects enables detection rates of over 99%. Even with minor damages, the products are reliably recognized after learning, since the trained images are composed of individual recognition features. This leads to secure identification, even if not all the elements are present or if they are partially hidden.

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