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Online trainings for W2MO:

Achieve your project goals even quicker and more efficiently in the future! In our online trainings you receive targeted valuable knowledge which you can directly apply to your current project. Depending on your needs you can book training sessions for one hour or longer - without travel times and expenses for accommodation.

Corporate trainings

Introductory Seminar W2MO:

  • Requirement: Skills in MS Windows, MS Excel
  • Objective: To teach the participants, in groups of max. 4 people, the ability to create models of logistic systems quickly and easily and optimize the warehouse using W2MO in the web browser

Advanced-Seminar W2MO:

  • Requirement: Attendance at the Introductory Seminars W2MO
  • Objective: In groups of max. 4 participants, to deepen the already acquired basic knowledge of the introductory seminar W2MO and present the additional functionalities for optimization of the work with W2MO. Moreover, specific questions of participants will be answered

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"I can recommend this well-structured seminar with practical content to anyone. Our coach was very competent and provided us with the necessary knowledge to be able to model a specific warehouse layout. I also found the small size of the group and the environment of the training in general very pleasant."

Martin Seidel, Planning Logistics at Eaton Electric GmbH
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