Supply Network Planning

Balance demand and capacity at all stages of the supply chain

W2MO enables transparency, whether you want to secure your production supply, optimize your distribution network, or monitor and control the capacities of your supply chain. Innovative and powerful algorithms boost your efficiency.


Easy end-to-end material flow optimization

Free scaling of detail level – adjustable to project scope


Easy data management

via .csv, direct SAP, database or RESTful APIs


Supply chain, warehouse & production logistics

Holistic - integrated in one tool

durchgängig integriert in einem Tool

Supply chain transparency & controlling

with multimodal freight cost simulation

easy to use and powerful

In depth simulation / analysis

Identification of hidden potential, support strategic decisions


Interactive optimization

Combination of years of experience with mathematical rationality


  • Digital twin from baseline for quick analyses and scenarios
  • Enables data driven decision making through combination of different data sources
  • Enhanced visibility along the entire supply chain
  • Representation of the end-to-end supply chain

Lack of transparency in supply chain operations often causes inefficiencies. Consolidation potential, stocks, requirements and supply options are observed locally and separately. W2MO enables complete visibility throughout the entire supply chain, efficiently minimizing the risks and elements of uncertainty. It reduces stock and helps to make optimal decisions in terms of costs and capacity. The W2MO integrated resource monitor helps to achieve an overview of stock and capacity. Shortages or overstocks as well as bottlenecks are made visible in all the processes. Data sources such as SAP can be integrated in real-time.

Regardless of whether supply chain management decisions are made centrally or locally, transparency is the key to efficiency. Through the digital twin, all existing and relevant data sources are combined once and the data is then automatically updated. Hence, the digital twin is always ready for analysis and can be used immediately as a sandbox for scenario evaluations when quick decisions are needed in an agile supply chain.


  • Proven heuristics and sophisticated algorithms for the optimization of material flow control
  • Detailed analysis and comparison of planning scenarios
  • Tactical supply or production planning
  • Consideration of multi-level BOMs and material-specific production capacities
  • Easy download and quick processing of the results

Complex cost and capacity structures, as well as interactions and restrictions between individual players present major challenges in determining optimal material and goods flows in logistics networks. W2MO calculates optimized product flows on an order basis and simulates the resulting expenses, workloads and stocks. Multi-level bills of materials and material-specific production capacities are considered, if necessary. Extensive analysis capabilities enable quick identification of cost drivers. W2MO planning tools range from an interactive heuristics-based approach up to sophisticated optimization algorithms. The quality of the planning is compared and ensured by various scenarios and planning alternatives. Evaluations and visualizations can then be easily integrated into presentations. Therefore, stakeholders from all areas can have access to the results.

Based on the optimized product flows, an optimal supply plan can be calculated for each individual customer on a tactical level. Allocation of optimal production quantities per location can be done with consideration of all necessary restrictions.



  • Mapping of multi-dimensional freight tariffs
  • Permanent monitoring of transport costs
  • Selection of the cheapest shipping rate per transport

The cheapest shipping rate will be chosen out of all the existing transport contracts for each package. This selection does not only consider equivalent shipping rates but is also able to calculate and directly compare the resulting costs of weight, volume, or distance-based fees in different zones, as well as even more complex pricing structures such as number of parking places or required loading meter. The calculated freight costs per package can be compared with the actual costs.



  • Optimized pallets and package building
  • Creation of the packaging schemes in 3D
  • Consideration of relevant product master data, e.g., stacking factors, compressibility, and fragility
  • Cascaded packing of the cartons starting from the pallet up to the Truck Load Builder
frachtoptimierung und load building

Mapping of the cheapest possible packages and pallets is a difficult and mathematically complex task. On the one hand, shipping volume should be minimized (to avoid shipping “air”), on the other hand, the stability of pallets, boxes, and containers should be considered as well. Based on the given restrictions, W2MO automatically calculates how packages have to be constructed and creates an entire step-by-step visualization of the packaging scheme in 3D. It not only considers exact dimensions, but also criteria like stacking factors, compressibility, and fragility. The calculation of a packaging scheme can be performed cascading over several stages. Articles are packed in the shipping containers; the formed packages are stacked on pallets – these eventually form a truckload.

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