Case Pack and Case Portfolio Optimization

easy to use and powerful

Calculation of a 3D packing scheme considering all dimensions and criteria such as stackability, compressibility, and orientation

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Avoidance of transport damage through more suitable cartons and more stable pallets

easy to use and powerful

Package Builder with improved pallet building and delivery preview for optimized transport planning

easy to use and powerful

Storage compression by calculating the ideal bin for the quantity to be stored

easy to use and powerful

Case portfolio optimization for savings on transport volume and packaging material

easy to use and powerful

Integration into existing operations systems via SAP or database connector or RESTful APIs

Case pack optimization

  • Optimized selection of correct transport container
  • Calculation of optimal arrangement within transport containers considering product dimensions and outer packaging, material flow, joint packing restrictions, as well as many other parameters
  • Consideration of individual orientation, stacking factors and fragility
  • Interactive visualization of packing scheme in 3D
  • Integration with identification (a.k.a. scanner free) workplace

Choosing the correct transport container has a huge impact on transport costs and logistics efficiency. Simple precalculation methods consider only volume and weight of the freight and the container itself. This approach, where the objects are clearly "liquefied", requires a high safety buffer ("air") in the transport container, since most of the objects have certain dimensions and do not fit in a random combination into a container. W2MO Case Pack Optimization / 3D-Package Builder is a powerful system which considers the dimensions of the packed objects as well as the transport containers and their orientation. Sophisticated mathematical algorithms take into account many other restrictions such as material flow, stackability, fragility, or joint packing restrictions. The visualization of the calculated packing scheme in 3D with the interactive options accelerates the packing process in practice. The result can be presented on almost any device such as a tablet or PC. Integration with the identification station allows this to be applied directly at the packing station.

Pallet building for Inbound and Outbound

  • Determination of optimal pallets and packing schemes with display in 3D
  • Calculation of the expected number of outbound pallets
  • Creation of a delivery or load preview considering delivery time and product availability
  • Specification of pallet quantity to suppliers depending on product and receiving plant
  • Optional: Direct integration of the W2MO Package Builder in SAP TM

The W2MO Package Builder enables the creation of optimal pallets and packing schemes and can be integrated with SAP TM. When the delivery quantity in outbound becomes known, the exact pallet quantity can be determined in advance. The corresponding transport capacities can be reserved on time. By extending the logic to inbound deliveries, the expected quantity of storage needed in the transporter and warehouse can be planned. The receiving plant, product, and supplier are all taken into consideration, thus ensuring efficient use of the available resources.

Case portfolio optimization

  • Optimal quantity and dimensioning of case types for a given order spectrum
  • Interactive optimization or fully automated approach, supported by algorithms
  • Reduction of material- and transport costs
  • Reduction of picking efforts
  • Reduction of transport damages by correct dimensioning

A non-optimized case portfolio leads to high consumption of filling material, poorly-packed cartons, and a high rate of transport damages. This is often caused by a variety of different-sized shipping cartons, which are used without systematic analysis. W2MO Case Portfolio Optimization determines an optimized quantity and dimensioning of transport containers for given order scenarios. There is an algorithmically supported and interactive as well as fully automated approach that uses the calculation methods for carton and case optimization. In both cases, the goal is to create the conditions for the best order packing option and to determine an appropriate case set. Due to strong parallelization and particularly efficient data structures, the processing of very large amounts of data is possible, so that longer time periods can be included for a well-founded analysis.

Operational usage

  • Integration with SAP WM/EWM/TM and any other WMS using the W2MO SAP or general database connector and RESTful APIs
  • Flexible calling via planned processes, triggered function calls, or the user interface
  • Display of the calculated 3D packing scheme on a mobile device or at the workplace
  • No special training for employees is required, as functionality can be integrated into existing workflows

The integration of the W2MO Case Pack Optimization or the W2MO Package Builder is flexibly adaptable. In SAP WM/EWM/TM, for example, complete integration into the existing workflow can be achieved by calling the appropriate function modules. The calculation takes place automatically in the background. The respective employee does not have to learn a new routine. Complete integration with any other warehouse management system can also be achieved via database interfaces or request-based RESTful APIs. Depending on the application, a simple file exchange may also be sufficient. The 3D packing scheme is displayed on a mobile device or the W2MO user interface.

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