Digitalized holistic planning process

easy to use and powerful

Holistic observation of the entire logistics planning process from location search to operational use - all in one tool

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Automatic layout generation as a quick benchmark for space requirements and labor costs

easy to use and powerful

Detailed simulation / analysis: identification of potentials, support for strategic decisions

easy to use and powerful

Integrated process analysis with direct transfer of determined parameters into a simulation model

easy to use and powerful

Practical evaluation of automation and mechanization possibilities

easy to use and powerful

Improvement of result sand labor savings in tendering and calculation of logistics services

Design by Efficiency

  • Consistent evaluation and optimization of processes and structures during the restructuring or planning of a new location
  • Holistic modeling in warehouse and production logistics
  • Securing decisions and investments with the help of scenario comparisons
  • Collecting alldata and information in one tool without media discontinuity

Future workload in logistics is calculated with high accuracy during the W2MO layout planning based on standard times. That is why costs and benefits of each layout or process change can be seen and evaluated immediately. This includes the full range from manual to fully automated systems in warehouse and production logistics. The workload for each step is chronologically evaluated, from inbound through stand-by zones or supermarkets to further handling of picked or manufactured products. An extensive set of intelligent algorithms is available for the design of logistics structures. The use of automation technology can thus not only be compared with simple methods of storage space allocation and tour building but can also be evaluated in detail, e.g. how the walking efforts of the employees differ using goods-to-man systems compared to the use of intelligent algorithms.


  • Digital Twin: Layout creation with just a few clicks
  • Planning of the ideal location capacity and warehouse space
  • Different levels of detail depending on the data basis
  • Calculation of costs for equipment, staff and inventory
  • Result: complete simulation model for further studies

The Layout Design Optimizer (LDO) enables the automatic creation of optimized warehouse layouts with just a few clicks. The goal is to automate, optimize and accelerate the process of layout creation. Depending on the data availability,very detailed figures on product and orders can be processed or alternatively calculated based on a few statistical parameters.The result is a complete 3D simulation model that includes the required space, suitable racking structure and necessary equipment. A bill of material for the required inventory can be deduced in addition to the expected labor costs. This fast and uncomplicated model is a first benchmark and forms the basis for further detailed planning


  • Easy recording, analysis and documentation of all process times in production and logistics
  • Privacy protection by integrated blurring or pixelation of faces and heads
  • Recording and analysis of speeds for feasible applications in logistics
  • Direct transfer of determined parameters into the W2MO simulation model for future calculations
  • Performance-rating for the employees: set target times e.g. for an individual picking process incl. packaging, labeling and comparison with actual times

W2MO supports during process studies by simple and handy recording, analysis and intelligent_algorithms.php documentation of all times and speeds in the entire logistics workflow. Besides times, the speeds can be determined effortlessly due to the unique combination of video recordings and a 3D model. This helps to calculate the actual time depending on the selected route, start and end points. Thus, no average times are used. On this basis,the processes can be optimized and especially time-consuming steps can be eliminated. At the same time the privacy protection is not neglected. People on video recordings are alienated in real time by integrated head pixelation. Ergonomics is also evaluated based on the video recordings. Moreover, W2MO offers the possibility to develop objectives for the workers formed on determined parameters, e.g. for an individual picking process including packing and labeling.


  • Easy and extensive preparation of data and quantity structures
  • Digital process documentation and description
  • Transparent calculation basis for all products and processes
  • Structured evaluation of growth and risks
  • Understandable solution visualization for an optimal offer presentation
Production & Distribution Network

W2MO can provide digital support during the tendering of logistics services on both sides of the negotiation table.Using time components, providers can quantify logistics costs more accurately and reliably. The customer can check the effects of various business developments with the help of data extrapolation and scenario management. In contrast to common calculation tools and excel sheets, these W2MO options can be quickly created and evaluated. Tendering participants can efficiently calculate the planning options, graphically process the results and present them in diagrams and understandable 3D models. Created models can be used for both operational optimization and transferred for new projects.

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