AI-based goods recognition, counting and measuring

Scanner-free logistics based on artificial intelligence (AI) saves a considerable amount of time and effort, and increases accuracy of processes

easy to use and powerful

AI Packstation: Recognition of products and calculation of a 3D packing scheme for optimal packing in any shipping carton

phenomenal google geographic data

Drive-Thru detection gates recognize pallets and read barcodes effortlessly

easy to use and powerful

Onboard goods recognition and consistency check combined with W2MO RTL&RS enables completely scanner-free logistics

easy to use and powerful

The self-training functionality allows goods to be recognized based on their appearance alone – without using codes or text

Artificial intelligence in use in real world logistics applications – this is no longer a dream of the future, but already fully operational and implemented in many facilities around the world.

Whether you want to measure the master data of your products quickly and easily, or want to use a 100% check – including suggestions for packaging materials during the packing process without the hassle of barcode scanners – the W2MO identification workstation offers all of this. Even automatic video documentation is included.

Objects are recognized by using existing codes or purely on the basis of their appearance. For the latter, you can easily teach your own products using our self-training functionality.

Artificial intelligence also brings considerable added value in the detection of larger objects, e.g. pallets. Whether as a drive-thru recognition gate or onboard the forklift, our AI not only reads the visible barcodes, but also carries out a consistency check to see whether labels have been read for each container.

The identification workstation can usually be integrated very quickly and easily via a USB interface, e.g. as a keyboard simulation. With this approach, virtually no support from your IT department is required and the integration is basically "plug and play". Of course, interfaces via RestAPI, SAP integration or other technical options can also be implemented.

Despite the use of cameras, privacy is protected. People are not filmed – no personal data is recorded either. In all applications mentioned below, the GDPR is fully considered.

AI-Based Master Data Acquisition

  • Measurement of weight and product dimensions
  • Even irregularly shaped objects can be measured
  • Automatic saving of product images
  • Integrated reading of barcodes and QR codes
  • Optional integration of automatic counting and detection
  • Possibility of customer-specific extensions for special setups

One of the biggest problems in logistics is missing master data. Virtually every company complains that information about product dimensions and weights is incomplete or incorrect. The costs of these deficits are enormous. Deliveries are often delayed or cancelled.

Using conventional 3D scanners is too time consuming. Handling each product takes a long time. Manual measurement is not a solution either; it also takes a lot of time, plus is prone to errors – the measurements could be determined incorrectly or entered into the system incorrectly.

Logivations AI-based master data collection is simple, fast, and can be integrated into existing workstations. Identification of products by scanning a code and the automatic recording of product images are included as standard.


  • Identification and recognition of products with and without barcodes
  • Calculation of a 3D packing scheme for the optimal packing of products in any shipping carton
  • Documentation of the packing process via video, storage and management of the videos on the w2mo video server

Packing shipments is often a time consuming and labor-intensive process. The products must be identified, they must be properly packed in the box and documentation may be required to avoid the customer later contesting acceptance of some or all of the products shipped. All of these functionalities are now available within the W2MO AI Packstation!

The products can be identified by scanning a barcode, QR code or data matrix code. For products without such a code, recognition based on appearance can be trained.

Recognition of Products by Appearance – Training by the User

  • Identification of products entirely based on appearance
  • Easier and more user-friendly training by the user
  • Quality of training easily verifiable
  • Once the training is complete, the generated neural network can be used at many workplaces

In order to distinguish products that do not have any printed code, the W2MO identification workstation uses recognition based on their appearance. For this purpose, an artificial intelligence – a neural network – is trained. In addition to appearance, this also uses information about the size of the object. This means that even very similar objects, such as screws of different sizes, can be distinguished.

A user can teach the system to recognize new products. For this purpose, images of the object are taken from different perspectives. A simple dialog guides the user through this data acquisition. Once the data has been recorded, further products can easily be added later. Data acquisition is only necessary at one workstation and can be then reused at any number of others.

Automatic counting of products

  • Counting of all visible goods – special cases can be easily trained
  • Extremely fast and reliable
  • Ability to validate the codes that have been read by checking them against the counting result
  • Easy to integrate via USB interface or other integration technologies
  • Documentation of the counting and recognition process (QR codes, barcodes) possible with images

Counting is a frequently required and time-consuming task in logistics. Most counting processes can be automated by W2MO.

If the products are not touching each other at the time of counting or can be separated, this can be done without further training of the system. For specialized cases, the respective goods or their types can be trained and then the system can count the learned and visible goods in milliseconds. At the same time, QR codes or barcodes on the objects can be read and processed, layer packing schemes can be identified, or the number of read codes can be validated via the counting result.

Identification gate or goods recognition by onboard cameras

How much time is wasted in logistics when forklift drivers scan the goods on a pallet they are picking up? Or when workers have to identify – pallet by pallet – what has arrived in the receiving area? Two innovative solutions are possible with W2MO AI-based goods detection, counting and measurement:

Identification by onboard cameras

  • Installation on any type of forklift, AGV or AMR
  • Use of two cameras and an onboard machine learning processing unit with GPU
  • Covering of pallets up to approx. 2m high and approx. 80 cm breadth possible
  • Extension of the area possible with additional cameras
  • In the case of multiple labeling, a consistency check is possible to identify the correct label or to check whether all labels have been recognized, resulting in significant advantages compared to a large area scanner
  • Combination with W2MO RTL&RS possible; this enables completely scanner-free logistics

Drive-Thru detection gates with camera modules on all required sides

  • Reading 1D and 2D barcodes while passing by
  • Consistency check - verifies whether a code has been recognized for each package
  • Passing by speed up to 1.5 m/s possible
  • Height coverage dependent on distance and barcode configuration, individually expandable thanks to modular design
  • Alarms (audio or visual) can be configured in the event of an error
  • Combination with W2MO RTL&RS possible, this enables completely scanner-free logistics
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