AI-Based Recognition, Counting and Measurement Of Goods

Scanner free logistics based on Artificial Intelligence saves significant work effort, speeds up processes, and makes them more reliable

phenomenal google geographic data

Drive Thru recognition gates recognize pallets and read barcodes of everything what goes through

easy to use and powerful

Direct quality control and documentation with images of the goods after opening / receiving or before closing the carton / container

easy to use and powerful

Goods recognition and consistency check can be performed with the help of two onboard cameras with GPU or Drive Thru recognition gates in combination with W2MO RTLS to enable a completely scanner free logistics

easy to use and powerful

Self-training functionality allows simultaneous training of appearance and dimensions recognition while creating a respective network with object images which can be easily deployed to different workplaces

easy to use and powerful

AI-Packstation: recognition of products and calculation of a 3D pack schema for optimal packing into the shipment box

Neural networks running on a GPU can be trained to "learn" certain photos such that the respective goods can be recognized later on. As the recognition can cover “true-to-scale” photos goods can be recognized by a combination of appearance and size. Example: screws or nuts look identical for all sizes. Therefore, it is important both to recognize and measure such goods. Goods measurement is an important functionality which can be e. g. used to catch relevant master data like the dimensions of products.

Many typical logistics objects were already pre-trained by Logivations, e. g. barcodes, QR codes, pallets, forklifts, boxes, some standard labels. Cascaded recognition is available: first a pallet with goods is recognized, then the right label on the goods is found and then the barcode on the right label is read and the goods on the pallet are fully automatically identified.

The recognition is usually very fast and takes less than a second. Each recognition can be well documented and pictures or videos of the recognition process can be stored and analysed later on.

Below solutions can usually be integrated very fast and easy by using an USB interface. Today all keyboards are connected by USB with the respective computer. Thus, W2MO simulates to be a keyboard and sends all input like a keyboard to the existing application (e. g. almost all WMS). Interface can be easily adjusted to the individual dialogs. With this approach practically no support is needed from the IT department and the integration is almost “plug-and-play”.

Persons are not filmed – neither is personal data recorded. In all below applications the GDPR is fully considered and privacy kept.

Goods recognition (e. g. identification of goods on pallet) by onboard cameras or during driving through a gate

How much time is wasted in logistics when forklift drivers scan the goods on a pallet which they pick up or workers identify pallet by pallet which arrived in the docks? With W2MO AI based goods recognition, counting and measurement there are two innovative solutions possible:

Two onboard cameras connected with an onboard Machine Learning processing unit (GPU)

  • Solution can be mounted to all kind of forklifts or AGVs
  • Pallet can be up to app. 2m high and app. 80 cm broad
  • By adding more cameras solution can be extended to a bigger area, e. g. If forklifts transport broad goods or use two forks in parallel
  • First pallets are recognized, then the right labels on the goods are found, then the respective barcodes are read. Thus, stacked pallets can be handled and it can be ensured that pallets without labels or pallets with more than one label are found such that the error can be fixed.
  • This solution is not like a wide area scanner which returns just all the found barcodes. Here, consistency is ensured by recognizing the pallets and the goods themselves first and cross-checking that each pallet has it’s right label
  • Solution can be combined with W2MO RTLS, this enables a completely scanner free logistics

Drive Thru recognition gates with cameras modules on all required sides

  • All transports going through the gate are recognized
  • Forklifts can drive with up to 1,5 m/s through the gate. If higher speeds are needed, more light can be added
  • Consistency is checked, in case of errors alarms can be configured
  • Solution can be combined with w2mo RTLS, this enables a completely scanner free warehouse

If labels can be on all sides then there will be camera modules on both sides which cover the respective side and the back/front and in a height of app. 3 m further modules which covers the top side. If labels are on the top side and heights of pallets are very different several modules may be needed for the top side. Each module is app. 1m height. If pallets can reach 2 m then 2 modules are needed per side. Width of the gate is app. 3 m, pallet should not come closer than app. 60cm to the camera

Counting and QR-code identification

  • Flexible solution: goods which should be counted can be adjusted by training
  • Extreme fast and reliable
  • All visible goods can be counted
  • Easy to integrate via USB-interface or other integration technologies
  • Counting and recognition process (QR codes, barcodes) can be documented by pictures which are automatically taken if configured.

Counting is a frequently needed and time-consuming task in logistics. Most counting processes can be automated by W2MO. First the respective goods or types of goods can be trained (usually) by the user and then the system can count the trained and visible goods in milliseconds. At the same time QR codes or barcodes on the objects can be read and processed as well as layer pack schemas identified.

AI-Based Recognition and Measurement

  • Measuring of products sizes in all three dimensions
  • Optional setup with integrated scale for weight measurements
  • Classification of products
  • Continuous improvement of master data
  • No additional effort for evaluating master data
  • Automated counting of objects
  • Possibility of customer specific enhancements for special setups

One of the biggest problems in logistics is missing master data. Practically any company complains that the information about dimensions and weight of products are incomplete or wrong. The cost of this deficits is huge. Often even deliveries are delayed or fail.

Using traditional 3D scanners is too time consuming. Handling of the products takes long. Manual measurement is also not a solution. Workers need much time and errors may happen or the found measures are entered into the IT-system in wrong way.

Logivations AI based goods identification and measurement is simple, easy and fast and it combines identification with measurement and optionally weight catching.


  • Easy and user friendly dialog
  • Quality of training is shown
  • Appearance and dimensions are trained in one step
  • Photos are taken from different angles
  • Once training is finished the respective network can be deployed to many workplaces

Training of new goods by the user himself is a very helpful feature. The system can be adapted to special or new requirements. Training not only supports the training of the appearance of new objects – also the dimensions can be captured during training so that they can be used later on for the recognition. This is needed e. g. if dealt with products like screws or nuts. In all sizes they look identical – the dimensions are needed to recognize the right object.


  • Identification and recognition of products with and without barcode
  • Calculation of a 3d- pack schema for optimal packing of products into the shipment box
  • Documentation by video of the pack process, storing and management of the videos on the w2mo video server

Packing of shipments often is a time- and work-consuming process. Products have to be identified, they must be packed in the right way into the carton and some documentation may be required in order to avoid that later on the customers denies the receival of some or all of the shipped products. All these functionalities are now available within the W2MO AI-Packstation!

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