Virtual Projects – Opportunities through Digitalization

Bring your logistics projects into the future with us - with the help of our cloud-based software W2MO we create a digital twin of your warehouse and your supply chain. Driven by high-end optimization algorithms and state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence, we plan, simulate and optimize your processes. Take advantage of this leap into digitalization and increase the potential of your logistics! Whether through increased process quality, reduced costs, or more secure investments. With the use of video conferences, logistics projects can be handled completely digitally without any problems.

Virtual projects - also a plus for the environment!

By carrying out your project in digital form, you avoid unnecessary car, train, and air travel. This allows you to execute projects in a more sustainable and climate-friendly way.

PERSONAL: Get to know our consultants and our solutions in our LIVE video demos: with us you meet both technology and the people behind the technology in a video conference. Just contact us!

W2MO Supply Chain Design & Controlling
W2MO Supply Chain Design & Controlling

EASY: Show us your warehouse in a virtual tour – a smartphone video is sufficient to give us a picture of your warehouse - and at the same time, recordings of processes can be used for process studies and analyses!

FLEXIBLE: With flexible meetings, adapted to your needs, you always have an overview of your project. Thanks to modern video conferencing software and hardware, you feel almost like you're in a face-to-face meeting.

W2MO Supply Chain Design & Controlling
W2MO Supply Chain Design & Controlling

TRANSPARENT: Watch the digital twin of your warehouse or supply chain grow in 3D week after week. Our software solution W2MO is designed as a cloud-based tool for collaborative work and gives you access to your virtual logistics at any time.

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