Increase productivity by combining a digital twin with intelligent optimization algorithms

With the help of the following calculator, you can easily check on your own what advantages can be achieved from the simultaneous usage of algorithms and a digital twin. In this sample calculation we limit ourselves to the optimization of warehouse assignment and improved creation of transport or picking orders. This is only a fraction of all the possibilities. For example, optimized replenishment control or order sequencing for better load balancing can also contribute to significant productivity gains. In addition, foresighted capacity and workforce planning or case and case portfolio optimization offer further potential.

Calculate possible savings with the following calculation sheet.
Note: This calculation is intended to provide initial reference points only. No guarantee is given! The actual conditions must be thoroughly checked and calculated for every specific project.

Calculator for the usage of optimization algorithms

Range between 10,000 to 100,000
Range between 20,000 to 80,000

Optimization potential for slotting up to:
Optimization potential for tour building up to:
Annual savings in € up to
Expenditure for current operations in € (license, support)
Investment required (license, project planning)
Payback period in years