Warehouse Execution System

A know-it-all warehouse execution system – based on the W2MO Digital Twin and a Real-Time Location & Recognition system built on artificial intelligence

easy to use and powerful

A Real Time Location and Recognition system enables the scanner-free recording of goods movements

phenomenal google geographic data

Transporter navigation with route visualization using intelligent algorithms to select optimal paths considering the transport orders and workload

easy to use and powerful

AI-navigation ensures real-time semantic information about available obstacles in the operation area and also secures constant controlling of safety battery level

easy to use and powerful

Intelligent fleet management: optimal assignment of transports to all kind of available vehicles, full transparency in vehicle workload, detailed analyses of bottlenecks or overcapacities, as well as automated speed adjustments or assignment of orders guarantees safe and efficient operations

easy to use and powerful

Easy integration into the existing system environment with SAP and database connectors, as well as possible combination with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile transport robots

Efficient, scanner-free logistics using the Warehouse Execution System

Do you always keep an eye on where your forklifts and goods are located? Do your forklift drivers always choose the shortest route? Are you already saving time by reducing the number of scans? Are you taking full advantage of your warehouse optimization potential?

The W2MO Warehouse Execution System supports you in getting the most out of your logistics. Track all movements of goods and forklifts with our Real Time Location & Recognition System (RTL&RS) and combine them in the W2MO Digital Twin with data from your warehouse management system to make your processes leaner and more efficient. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain transparency in all movements in your warehouse and optimize them at the same time - all under one roof with W2MO.

Scanner-free Recording with RTL&RS

  • Real time localization of all vehicles
  • Tracking of vehicle and goods movements
  • Automatic recording based on position
  • Avoidance of scanning

W2MO RTL&RS allows tracking of all your vehicles’ movements in the warehouse, along with the movements of goods through the vehicles. After the goods have been detected by the system for the first time at an identification point, the movement of: for instance, the pallets onto a forklift is tracked. The information of which bin or on which bulk area the pallet was placed is saved in the Digital Twin. If the pallet is picked up again, the system knows which goods are involved without the use of scanners and the employee can concentrate primarily on the transport. Recordings into the warehouse management system can be made only on the basis of the Real Time Location & Recognition System. Special sensors on the forklifts, such as sensors that detect the loading condition, are unnecessary, as such attributes are already recognized by the RTL&RS.

Digital Twin provides optimization opportunities

  • Use of real time movement data in the Digital Twin
  • Integrated simulation engine for scenario evaluation
  • Integration of highly sophisticated optimization algorithms

The movements recorded via the RTL&RS are imported into the Digital Twin in real time. It does not only provide the framework for using this data for optimization, but also is the basis for controlling warehouse operations.

The first Digital Twin can usually be created in a few hours and then offers you unique added value.

The Digital Twin also serves as an interface for warehouse control. Add relevant processes and the “street” map (desired routes of the transporters, speed limits, etc...) with only a few clicks. Monitor and track every transporter in real time in the 3D view of the system, analyze and optimize the efficiency of the transporter fleet. Use a traffic analysis in real time for dynamic route planning.

And yet, the Digital Twin still offers a lot more. You can use the highly innovative optimization algorithms integrated in W2MO in real time to improve your processes. Whether it is the selection of the optimal bin for storage or the best combination of picking routes – you can effortlessly integrate these improvements directly into your transport orders.

The integrated simulation engine also offers you the perfect starting point for creating and evaluating scenarios based on the saved real-time data. In this way, you can make data driven decisions; from simple process changes to major investment decisions.

Fleet management

  • Optimized allocation of transport orders among all available transports
  • Optimal route guidance
  • Specification of transport routes, speed limits, etc.

Whether AGVs or robots, one manufacturer or multiple, automatic or manual (forklifts, trolleys, tractors, etc.): integrate all vehicles in your Digital Twin. Use the position data gathered by RTL&RS to optimally allocate transport orders across all available transporters, thus maximizing the total number of transports processed. The combination of RTL & RS and Digital Twin is used to control and manage your transport resources in operation in real time. Tour creation, routes, and the assignment of transport orders to vehicles are also optimized.

W2MO fleet management contains all of the necessary tools to manage your transporters: you can quickly and easily define routes, manage and carry out tasks, and avoid deadlocks. An intelligent alarm and traffic management is of course included.

Existing AGVs or AGVs from other manufacturers only need a simple interface to receive transport orders. An interface to record the current location of the controlled AGVs is not necessary, as the locations of all transporters are already recorded by the W2MO RTL&RS.

The W2MO software can be easily integrated into other IT systems. Standard interfaces are available for many ERP and WMS systems (e.g. SAP). Orders for storage, as well as picking and delivery activities can, for example, be automatically created on the basis of the fill levels of aisles or buffers, and assigned to the transport vehicles according to their priorities. W2MO algorithms individually calculate the most efficient route for each order and navigate all transporters (e.g. the AGVs), taking into account traffic jams, obstacles, permissible speeds, etc.

Forklift navigation

  • Onboard navigation
  • Optimal route guidance
  • Real-time traffic jam avoidance

The W2MO onboard navigation UI is available for all devices that support a modern browser. The optimal route is calculated by intelligent algorithms in the Digital Twin. Real time data from the RTL&RS is also used to avoid traffic jams. Blocked paths or other obstacles are also considered in real time. Furthermore, if desired, a collision warning can be activated.

An employee is navigated from their current position to the destination via UI, with the remaining time and distance to the destination being updated in real time. A pick / put dialog is also integrated. This is activated automatically depending on the current position.

Numerous productivity evaluations are available for the control center. Such evaluations also support a quick and easy approach to fleet optimization.

Battery management for autonomous robots

  • Automatic approach of charging stations
  • Use of partial loads to increase availability
  • Modern control center for mobile devices

Battery management for autonomous transport robots is important in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. W2MO offers all the options here: loading can be initiated both automatically and manually. Depending on the charging time and capacity, the battery can be fully or partially charged in order to bridge the time gap until the next charging process. By briefly charging the battery during breaks, a robot with a limited battery capacity can also be used 24/7. As soon as a robot has reached its minimum battery level, it ends its job and automatically drives to an available charging station. A manual charging start at the push of a button is also possible. The robots will automatically return to the work area after being fully / partially charged. The battery status can easily be monitored via the user interface.

Integration with SAP WM / SAP EWM

  • No scans needed due to booking with real time position data
  • Integration of Optimization Algorithms

As a long-standing SAP application development partner, Logivations has already implemented many SAP interfaces. This experience can also be used for the warehouse execution system. In addition to a wide range of integration options for the optimization algorithms in SAP (e.g. for calculating the optimal storage bin), the Real Time Location & Recognition System can also bring considerable added value to your SAP.

Forget about numerous scans that are required for SAP feedback. W2MO automatically records the movements of your goods based on activity and transfers them to SAP. This enables you to achieve significant increases in productivity.

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