Logistics Planning and Optimization

We see logistics planning as a systematic process of holistic solutions for different strategic and tactical tasks, aimed at achieving corporate objectives in the logistics field.

Our consultants have no assumptions regarding the level of automation. However, if work does not accrue there is no need to automate workflow. We always strive for lean concepts ("lean logistics"), gaining the least possible task effort.

In order to operate every logistic system optimally, the control algorithms and modern IT systems are integrated to daily operation.

logistics optimization

Our main design services are comprised of a detailed calculation as well as analysis of all possible solutions with W2MO. Inconvenient surprises during the "Go Live" belong to the past. One can also determine the potential for complex logistic systems in advance.

Our services overview

  • Definitions of requirements and target scenarios
    • Development and evaluation of IS-purposes
    • Determination of restructuring requirements and realization potentials
    • Data extrapolation while maintaining the current structures
    • Bottleneck analyses
  • Design, planning and implementation of new logistics systems
    • Planning of automatization degree, proposal of an adapted technology
    • System structures development, supply concepts and layouts, usage of larger layout library
    • Planning and development of technical equipment (incoming goods, storage, picking, packing, outgoing goods, returns etc.)
    • Concept of the control logic and IT-systems
    • Tender documents and their implementation
    • Contract documents and negotiations
    • Migration and project planning, project management
  • Implementation of operational IT-systems (WMS)
    • Specifications, process simulations, planning of IT-system architecture
    • Operation guide and training of the "right" operation of complex systems
    • Customized IT-systems and software adaptation
    • Implementation, process consulting and training
    • Adaptation and development of mobile applications (e.g. for scanners, smartphones, tablets) based on Android
    • System and integration tests, commissioning, monitoring the "Go Live"
  • Constant improvement of logistics processes and IT-systems (CIP)
    • Vulnerability analyzes, benchmarking
    • Simulation and optimization calculations of processes
    • Current adjustment of processes and IT-systems
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