Solutions for Supply Chain, Logistics and e-Commerce

Supply Chain Engineering

Gain agility, speed and efficiency through strategic planning

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Supply Network Planning

Balance demand and capacity at all stages of the supply chain

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Digital Logistic Planning

Digitalized holistic planning process

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Advanced Slotting

Gain efficiency through the right product assignment

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Optimized Picking Tours

Efficiency increase with optimized tour building and order sequence

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Case Pack and Case Portfolio Optimization

Cost efficiency and sustainability through savings in transportation volume and packaging material

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Capacity and Workforce Planning

From strategic and tactical planning to online productivity control

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The combination of AI-based object identification and the W2MO optimization suite makes transports most efficient

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Automated Guided Transportation Systems

New paradigm: Artificial intelligence navigates AGV

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AI-based Identification

Scanner free logistics based on Artificial Intelligence saves significant work effort and adds intrinsic stability to the processes

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Logivations is an international Consulting and Technology Company based in Munich. We develop and offer the most innovative logistics solutions.

W2MO is the web-based #1 for Supply Chain, Warehouse, Production Logistics Planning & Optimization & Machine Learning in Logistics. It has more than 30.000 users, is available directly out of the cloud or with a local installation and can be easily integrated!

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