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W2MO provides innovative solutions for the automatic creation of an optimized warehouse layout as well as design and optimization of existing warehouses. Smart algorithms offer multiple options to find the best solution of a warehouse design very quickly. The convenient 3D view allows to visualize and analyze the created model on the highest level. With the help of W2MO, a detailed and precise warehouse layout can be created to get the maximum results while just spending minimum time and efforts.

Layout Design Optimizer (LDO)

The Layout Design Optimizer (LDO) provides the automatic creation of an optimized layout in just a few clicks. The objective is to automate, optimize, facilitate and accelerate the process of layout creation. With just a little amount of input information, the algorithm automatically creates a warehouse layout in 3D, considering:

  • Space utilization
  • Definition of best inventory suppliers
  • Planning of location capacity and storage area
  • Creating optimal racking structure using different types of racks
  • Optimal organizing of all layout components, based on the mathematical optimization
  • Labor cost calculation
  • Rack type definition (Flow, pallet, shelving etc.)
  • Optimal product placement (slotting)
  • Providing a benchmark with minimum efforts for the user, from which further optimization potentials can be explored
  • Equipment cost

The core idea of optimizing warehouse operations is to find ways to automate the processes and to eliminate time-consuming repetitive tasks.

Without using the Layout Design Optimizer, typically problems may occur such as complex calculations in Excel, problems with data filtering / classification, inappropriate requirements, difficulties to measure the data quality or lots of paperwork.

Achievements of the Layout Design Optimizer

Increased efficiency

  • Automatic layout creation
  • Different approaches of product placement
  • Optimal picking tours
  • Load Balancing
  • Calculation of labor efforts

All possible data sources

  • WMS, e.g. SAP
  • ERP system
  • CSV / Excel files

Product expertise

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness

Reliability and transparency of results

  • Time Savings
  • Monetary Savings


Digitizing, machine learning, big data and camera-guided AGVs are new approaches to improve efficiency but still keep flexibility. Using latest technologies allows to organize product flows in the warehouse and minimize efforts and costs much easier. This helps to improve efficiency in nearly all areas of logistics, e. g.:

  • Digitized and integrated logistics design and planning
  • Shipping and goods receiving
  • Product placement (slotting), space management
  • Wave building, tour building
  • 3D-cubing
  • Staff planning
  • Documentation
  • Object identification


Great logistics systems combine different components and takes advantage of the individual strengths of each component to get the best results. Combined with W2MO Supply Chain Engineering, the complete logistics network can be modeled and total costs can be calculated. This allows to see the actual advantages of modern technologies in practice to enhance the overall performance:

  • Modelling, simulation and optimization of the complete process in the warehouse: from inbound over allocation zones or supermarkets to assembly areas, as well as further handling of the completed product and empty bins
  • Direct import or easy creation of quantity structures, take rates, delivery frequencies and part variations
  • Easy setup of a defined production plan as simulation scenario
  • Modelling of transports with tugger trains, forklifts or picking carts, etc. - with Milkrun or Kanban strategies
  • Calculation of space and staff demand as well as detailed reports about labor costs, down to single parts or processes
  • Time studies using the integrated video process study app

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