Fleet Management & Control Software

The only fleet management which knows about everything – based on W2MO Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence object recognition

easy to use and powerful

The digital twin includes an integrated simulation engine for easy generation of scenarios to evaluate changes in workforce, shift times, or transport resources

phenomenal google geographic data

Transporter navigation with route visualization using intelligent algorithms to select optimal paths considering the transport orders and workload

easy to use and powerful

AI-navigation ensures real-time semantic information about available obstacles in the operation area and also secures constant controlling of safety battery level

easy to use and powerful

Battery management provides a full range of options: automatically, manual, full, or partial charging with the opportunity to monitor minimal battery level via the user interface

easy to use and powerful

Intelligent fleet management: optimal assignment of transports to all kind of available vehicles, full transparency in vehicle workload, detailed analyses of bottlenecks or overcapacities, as well as automated speed adjustments or assignment of orders guarantees safe and efficient operations

easy to use and powerful

Easy integration into the existing system environment with SAP and database connectors, as well as possible combination with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile transport robots

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and the W2MO Digital Twin it is easy to execute an effective fleet management of any facility to control and manage any transporter (forklifts, AGVs, carts, tugger trains, …) during operation, optimize tour building, routings, assignment of transports to transporters, implement advanced area management algorithms etc. The Fleet Management software contains all the necessary tools to manage all transports (not just certain AGVs). The software contains various features such as managing and performing tasks, alarm management, traffic management and preventing deadlocks. W2MO fleet managements is integrated with the W2MO RTLS.

The W2MO software can be easily integrated with any order IT-system. There are standard interfaces available to many ERP and WMS (e. g. SAP). Orders for put-away, pick and delivery activities could be automatically created based e. g. on fill levels of lanes or buffers and assigned to transporters according to their priorities. W2MO algorithms calculate the most efficient travel path for every order individually and navigate all transporters (e. g. the AGVs) considering traffic jams, obstacles, permissible speeds etc.
The W2MO Digital Twin automatically calculates for each transporter the needed time to complete a task or to travel from one location to a certain target.

W2MO Fleet Management with the W2MO Digital Twin

  • Create a digital twin of your facility, can be done usually in hours
  • Add all the relevant processes and the “street”-map (where your transporters should drive, speed limits, …)
  • Install recognitions units (cameras with AI processing) and connect them with the digital twin
  • Now you can synchronize the real objects with the Digital Twin in real time. There is no interface to the transporters needed which returns the location of a certain transporter: the recognition units anyway know the position of each transporter
  • Analyze and optimize the efficiency of the transporter fleet
  • Monitor and track any transporter in real time in 3D-view of the layout
  • Optimized tour building and routing, optimized assignment of vehicles to orders, area supervision, alerts, …
  • Execute the most effective traffic management: real-time traffic analysis and dynamic path planning
  • AGVs just need a simple interface to receive transportation orders – no backward interface needed to catch the current location of the steered AGVs as the locations of all transporters are anyway already captured by the W2MO RTLS
  • Integrate W2MO with existing WMS or ERP applications
  • And, if needed: adapt the solution to your needs

Cameras recognize all relevant objects using artificial intelligence and report their exact position (see W2MO RTLS) The control computers calculate the paths of the AGVs on the basis of the position information and 3D models of the transporters (AGVs, forklifts, carts, …) and submit the control commands. The network load by camera-guided AGV is minimal. Required bandwidth: < 50 KBit per controlled transporter.

Navigation and Steering of Forklifts

  • The W2MO onboard navigation UI is available for most devices which support a modern browser. The forklift driver will be navigated with a Google Maps style UI from the current position to the target
  • Remaining time and distance to target is permanently updated.
  • Many productivity reports are available which allow an easy approach to fleet optimization


  • AI-navigation provides semantic information on obstacles throughout the operations area.
  • AGVs drive automatically to the next free charging station as soon as a vehicle reaches the lower safety buttery level or it can be sent to the charging station manually by pressing a button
  • AGV automatically drives back to the working area after it was fully charged
  • The battery state can be easily monitored from the user interface

AGV Battery Management

Battery management for automatic guided vehicle systems is important to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the AGV systems. A charging option that can be used both automatically and manually. Depending on the charging time, the battery can be fully recharged or partially recharged to bridge the gap until it is next charged. By charging the battery briefly in the interim, an AGV can still be used 24/7 with a limited battery capacity. Once an AGV has reached its minimal battery level, it will complete its order and position itself automatically next to an available charging station.

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