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W2MO – the web-based #1 solution for Supply Chain, Location & Warehouse Planning and Optimization with more than 30.000 users worldwide can now be used more efficiently with Logivations e-Learning platform.

The participants of the “Supply Chain Engineering” e-Learning course will get basic knowledge in the field of visualizing and optimizing logistics and production networks to start working with W2MO on their own supply chain projects after 2 weeks with only 6 hours each.

start date by arrangement

Logivations e-Learning package

  • 2 individual online workshops
  • 1 month access to all video trainings & scripts
  • 1 month W2MO subscription (worth 890 €)

1.199 € first user, 699 € additional users (same company & period)

This is a great opportunity to try the most powerful logistics tool without long-term investments. It will help you visualize and optimize your logistics processes in logistics or production logistics locations.

The mapping of the supply chain based on Google Maps with various optimization and simulation possibilities will be shown with detailed video tutorials and scripts. Afterwards or in between the units, the participants can create a similar model by themselves with the additional tasks.

Finally, each week concludes in a company individual online workshop with one of our experienced consultants to discuss the progress, answer questions and set up possible use cases or pilot projects together.

The full e-Learning package including two individual online workshops, 1 month access to all video trainings, 1 month free use of the W2MO Business Executive subscription (worth 890 €) and training scripts only costs 1.199 € for the first user and 699 € for additional users from the same company in the same training period.
The subscription will not be automatically renewed unless ordered separately. We recommend an additional support budget or advanced training sessions, if W2MO should be used in real projects.

Content e-Learning "Supply Chain Engineering with W2MO"

  • Creating a new model to visualize a logistics network based on Google Maps
  • Overview of the drawing area, menu, data base editor
  • Data preparation: accounts, location candidates, products and campaigns, freight cost structure / matrix
  • Evaluation of the AS IS network with help of logistics network optimization reports and inbound/outbound flow visualization options, heatmaps, service levels
  • Network optimization options: simulation scenarios, finding new location candidates with CoG analyses, different product allocation strategies
  • Computation of optimal product flows and total network costs
  • Building production networks: manufacturing sites, master products and substitutes
  • Evaluation of different scenarios: management summary, flows and production reports

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