Registration for “Logivations AI-Lab Days” in Munich – сompany-specific or in small groups

Additional appointments: 13-15 December 2022

Due to the high demand, we will conduct our “AI-Lab Days” in December again – individual appointment slots for your company (from 3 participants) or in small groups (max. 5 participants).
Please see available time slots in the registration form.

Key topics: Digital Twin, Algorithms, Scanner-free Logistics, Object Recognition and Localization with AI, Tracking of Goods and Transporters, Automatic Booking into WMS System, AI-navigated Robots, Optimization of all Logistics Processes

Organisational information:

  • We will take care of your safety and provide you with all necessary Covid-19 hygiene measures
  • Individually for your company (starting from 3 participants) or in mixed small groups (with a max. of 5 participants per appointment)

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Scanner-free logistics based on Artificial Intelligence (AI):

W2MO RTL&RS (Real Time Location & Recognition System):

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