Optimized Product Placement

Using innovative combinatorial algorithms W2MO increases picking efficiency, reduces replenishment efforts and allows to optimize efficiency in distribution centres by storing all products in their best place - for any stage (e. g. inbound, reserve, picking).

See the advantages of product placement using W2MO:

  • Determine the best place for all products, decrease travel times, reduce pickers' handling efforts and errors:

    travel time can often account for up to 60% of a picker's daily activity. A good product placement can reduce it by up to over 80%.

  • Decrease bottlenecks, optimize capacities:

    the overload of a certain aisle or area can be avoided, unproductive waiting times caused by congestions can be reduced by up to over 90%.

  • Pre-consolidate Product Sets already during placement:

    first an automatic analysis finds out which products are ordered together often - then smart algorithms put them close to each other, as long as work efforts can be reduced with this approach. Often such "set placement" can reduce work efforts by up to over 30%.

  • Pick orders in a "good" sequence:

    achive significant reduction in product damages e.g. by locating heavy products at the beginning of the pick path ahead of crushable products.

  • Utilize space:

    increase warehouse utilization by up to over 40% with the right products in the right-sized locations.

  • Avoid placements of Look-Alikes:

    reduce picking errors by separating similar products.

  • Move products interactively, minimize product movements by simulating different scenarios of storing the products:

    reduce pickers' handling efforts by placing products in the right zones.

  • Create changeover cycles between the source campaign and the target one:

    the cycles are formed in a way to move products with least space requirement and work.

  • Analyse product placement with W2MO Visualization functions:

    with the Highlight function assignments can be visualized by various criteria in 2D and 3D mode:

Process times and Assignment algorithms in W2MO are based on standard time calculation.

Process times can also be used to calculate the needed capacity of staff and support a perfect staff planning.

Following Assignment algorithms are considered:

  • Product / Bin types compatibility:

    compatible bins/products define where a product may go to.

  • Tenants compatibility:

    product and bin types as well as tenants of products and bins must be compatible.

  • Pick modes (e. g. piece pick, case pick, pallet pick) can be considered in assignment algorithms in order to calculate the amount of locations needed.
  • Fixed Assignment: predetermines product location in a certain slot.

W2MO use mathematical algorithmic approaches for Product Placement Optimization

Multiple reports are available to analyze campaign product demands and assignments:

Store all your products in the 'best' place with W2MO!

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