Visual Warehouse Management

Apart from standard warehouses with racks and pallets, there exist also warehouses in which bulky goods are stored. Some examples are:

  • General warehouse for bulky goods
  • Coil-warehouse
  • Warehouse for machine parts
  • Warehouse for rolls of paper
  • Open depot
Coil warehouse
Coil warehouse

In such warehouses the parts aren't systematically stored in specific places but rather stored where there is available space. This complicates finding them again.

With W2MO such warehouses can be quickly modeled in 3D. The positions of the goods in the warehouse are stored as 3D coordinates. Furthermore, the goods are either visualized as 3D objects or as images of the good. When searching for an item the exact position in the warehouse is displayed in 3D. This 3D environment is automatically transferred to an employees tablet or smartphone and guides them to the exact position.

In order to facilitate finding a product, an employee can take pictures of it and store them in the database. The built in camera can be used directly to scan barcodes.

Through the integration of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, warehouse management can be visualized.

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