SAP EWM is one of the most powerful warehouse management systems (WMS) available. It offers versatile configurations for almost all real situations. These possibilities can be very challenging for consultants and users since the effects of specific changes on the efficiency of the logistic processes cannot always be estimated.

This is where the W2MO Six-Sigma-Logistics cockpit comes into play. First, a layout of the reality is generated in W2MO. Then SAP EWM is connected to this model, which represents reality. For tuning purposes SAP EWM uses the model of the warehouse previously generated in W2MO. This model immediately shows the efficiency of the processes and potential areas of improvement. Various configurations and experiments with the warehouse now can be made and the results of those changes are displayed.

This procedure has been tested and approved in reality. In many situations improvements in efficiency of up to 40% were achieved.

You aren't using SAP EWM yet? No problem! The W2MO Six-Sigma-Logistics cockpit can still be used with customized interfaces for your current system.

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