SAP EWM Efficiency Increase

SAP EWM efficiency increase

Improvements in SAP EWM can be achieved quickly. In SAP the interface component is transferred to SAP EWM. This interface is directly available from SAP. If desired Logivations can provide you with the necessary contact information.

Afterwards W2MO is installed in the customers' network (if necessary on laptop) and connected to SAP EWM through the web-services. Web-services enable a direct transfer of data for all relevant standard dataobjects. Customer-specific dataobjects can be added and transferred via the same technology.

Alongside is a typical example. By simply changing a filter rule a significant gain in performance has been achieved.

In a first step the current productivity is measured and calibrated using the actual data. This is done by creating warehouse tasks in SAP EWM and transferring them to W2MO. Productivity is then evaluated in W2MO.

In a second step the configured filters in SAP are analyzed and subsequently various alternative filter rules are simulated and compared. The most promising rules are then identified.

The optimized filter parameters are the ones used in the actual processes. The result: an improvement in productivity by 22%!

This result is no exception, however, the outcome always depends on the specific situation.

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