Production Logistics

W2MO provides particular functions for the concept and design of logistic processes in production logistics (e.g. for the assembly and for the production line) or partial supply. Further functions can be used for the concept and design of Warehouse and Distribution Logistics or the Optimization of Logistics Networks

production logistics
  • Modelling and simulation of the complete process in the factory: From goods entry to providing zones or supermarkets to assembly, as well as further handling of the completed product and empties
  • Direct import or easy creation of quantity structures, takerates, delivery frequencies and part variations
  • Modelling of transports with tugger trains, forklifts or commissioning wagons etc. with milkrun or Kanban strategies
  • Calculation of area and staff demand as well as detailed reports about labor cost, broken down to single parts or processes
  • Design of logistics areas and processes in 2D and 3D
  • Use of standard times: costs of each change in usage area can be easily calculated and monitored "with just one click"
  • Dynamic simulation of supply strategies and opimization of the buffer stocks
  • Loading of CAD layouts as background picture and export of layouts as DXF
  • Virtual reality - walk/drive around in 3D model
  • Design, simulation and optimization of working time models
  • Interfaces for, e.g., SAP and other ERP systems for easy access to the required data

...all functions are integrated to a user-friendly and interactive layout editor with undo/redo functions.

W2MO can be used for the reorganization of existing as well as modeling of new sites. The intelligent design and the optimal organization of transportation routes in production ensure that the right material is delivered to the right place at the right time.

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