New Information Technologies for Logistics Planning

A comprehensive, holistic software solution for logistics planning and management has been missing in the market for many years:

  • CAD systems have been widely used for layout structures. However, they are too complex and detailed for quick and easy modeling and for changing the layout structures.
  • The labor cost calculation of logistic processes was extremely complicated and required special data preparation.
  • Simulation experiments were extremely complex and experts were required for the creation of simulation models.
  • Previously, 2D and 3D simulations were considered separately. The possibility of virtual reality such as virtual tours through created solutions was related to extremely high costs.
  • The calculation of costs was only possible through the use of separate spreadsheets.
  • Modern smart algorithms and optimization concepts played no role in logistics planning.

W2MO - Case study: from layout design to operational WMS in one integrated solution

To meet these requirements a powerful modeling, simulation and optimization tool - W2MO - was developed.

  • For the first time the planning scenarios can easily be extrapolated and kept structurally unchanged when incorporating various changes in the market.
  • Based on standard times you can calculate the exact labor costs for each created layout just "with one click". You can see the obvious benefits for every single layout and process change.
  • The planning is done both in 2D and 3D. A virtual tour of the future layout is possible without special data preparation.
  • All kinds of logistic systems can make use of the application W2MO, e.g. warehouse logistics, production logistics, logistics within the network, whether it is a highly automated or a rather manual system.
  • Already during the design of logistic structures all significant operational and mathematical algorithms are available. The usage of automation technology is related to the storage area allocation and to round trip building. By using, e.g., "goods-to-man" systems one can compare the effort of paths of staff with the use of innovative mathematical algorithms.
  • The approach of a web-based solution enables entirely new forms of cooperation between customers, service providers as well as technology providers.
  • With the integration of W2MO a significant reduction of design expenditures is possible. The media breaks between different IT-systems can be omitted. The "Time-to-Market" is reduced as well.
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