Camera Based Identification Station

In logistics a lot of time is spent on identification (scanning) of products, packages, pallets etc. and on checking quantities or exchanging falsely picked products due to high error rates caused by manual identification.

Logivations set its goal to minimize the time spent on object identification and to reduce error rates to achieve a significant efficiency increase.

Logivations included Deep Machine Learning technology in the Logistics and Supply Chain optimization tool W2MO.

The camera based identification station can be set up for various processes in the warehouse to identify, check or count certain objects

Camera based identification station: Automatic realtime recognition and counting of all products by visual characteristics like size, shape, barcode, color or certain text parts with cameras and intelligent algorithms!


  • Objects (e.g. products, cartons, tools, or even animals) are identified fully automatic without any scanning or manual interaction
  • Realtime visualization of results
  • Use cases through all processes from inspection at inbound logistics to fast packaging at outbound
  • Fast camera based barcode localization, identification and reading replaces manual scanning with a scanner
  • Up to 30% to 60% savings compared to older technologies like scanning or RFID
identification station


  • Camera and recognition box installed at work station for packing, points towards detection zone
  • Training of algorithm with example images to learn patterns (trained use cases for standard applications already available)
  • Automatic identification of the products and quantities by moving them through the detection zone before putting them into the box / container. The camera automatically finds any visible barcodes, reads them and identifies objects.
  • Automatic comparison with packaging list and immediate confirmation if the correct products are used or notification in case of errors
  • Images are stored: useful for later visual verification or information of customers
  • Communication with other systems (WMS, SAP) for verification
detection zone


The possible use cases of this technology are infinite. Another example is checking products, when they are already stored in their cases. Logivations Deep Machine Learning enables checking several products at the same time. Therefore the total packaging list can be compared to the visible products, when an identification station is being setup with a camera pointing towards the filled box from a bird eye view.

carton box


  • Intelligent Machine Learning algorithms for object recognition in pictures/videos (“neural networks”)
  • Significantly lower hardware costs of high-resolution cameras, tablets/smartphones
  • Enormous increase in computing power during recent years (GPU computing)
  • Integration into warehouse management systems, standard Interface to SAP available
  • Algorithm is trained on sample images then automatically extracts (“learns”) required patterns
  • Logivations Deep Machine Learning can be used for fast and robust detection with standard cameras

You can see an example of the camera based identification station in the following Video, which shows the comparison to regular scanning:

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