Global Supply Chain Design

One major success factor in achieving the highest efficiency is transparency between all logistic processes. The technological capabilities of our holistic optimization tools in combination with the proven logistic competence of our consultants guarantee quick and persistent transparency as well as steady improvements of the current situation.

Our tools can be incorporated seamlessly into your existing IT system. Many interfaces to the leading systems have already been implemented and more are currently being added. Please ask our marketing team for further information.

Depending on the task, various relevant restrictions and costs can be taken into account, e.g.:

  • End-to-end viewing of a complete logistic network structure or relevant parts of the structure at a specific location
  • Technological and commercial capabilities of locations, including production, logistics and warehouse capacities
  • Change of the order and product structure over time
  • Product range (group level to SKU level)
  • Direct linkage of the global logistic network structure with the local logistic structures
  • From transport rates and costs through to the structure of fleet and routing
  • Inventory development and changes in structures

With our optimization and logistics experience in combination with the before mentioned possibilities we redesign existing structures or design brand new product and distribution networks. In the process various future developments and trends in market demand, costs or sales as well as benchmark values can be taken into account. Together with our partners we can retrieve relevant and reasonable values.

We have developed sophisticated statistical extrapolation functions specifically for the creation of future product ranges and order structures. For the first time not only a quantitative extrapolation but also an extrapolation of product ranges and order structures is possible. This enables tracking of the effects of growth of the product range and the change of order structures. Those changes can now be considered for the optimization of the future supplay chain layout.

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