Holistic Supply Chain Management

Integrated planning and optimization of procurement, production, distribution and respective locations in any possible detail

Each change in your supply chain or logistics network influences the cost structure of all locations and changes or resets their requirements. Due to the interaction of planning and optimization of both logistics networks and single locations, the best way to define and exploit the full potential is to apply an integrated holistic approach.

Production distribution network

Werehouse scheme

Traditional supply chain tools neglect these effects and visualize locations only roughly and simplified. The result is a distorted image which is often meaningless and does not exploit the full potential.

W2MO offers an innovative approach. The software integrates supply chain management into detailed location planning and optimization:

  • Integrated location and network planning: supply chain planning & controlling, warehouse planning & optimization as well as production logistics planning & optimization – an all-in-one integrated methodological approach and solution
  • Holistic observation and optimization of procurement, transportation, production, distribution and order processing

It doesn´t matter whether you want to secure your production supply, optimize your distribution network or monitor and control the capacities of your supply chain – with W2MO you achieve transparency. Innovative and powerful algorithms boost your efficiency.

The integrated and holistic approach of W2MO always yields the full picture and a great overview through the complete observation of your supply chain.

Production & Distribution Network
W2MO Supply Chain Design & Controlling
Wmo image

By visualizing your product flows, using heat maps and visualizing your service level areas, all essential information is available at any time. Additional details and evaluations are directly accessible via the Google Maps interface and can be retraced up to the input data of your ERP system.

W2MO visualizes your production network down to the tiniest detail and integrates recipes and bills of materials for integrated optimization and visualization of material movements.

Production & Distribution Table

The scenario manager helps to compare different alternatives and time periods directly and by this fully supports the planning and decision process.

This unique flexibility that W2MO provides in supply chain visualization enables you to choose and adjust the level of detail specifically for your needs. For instance, the structures can initially be defined at a rough level and later refined with more details, if required. You can focus on special topics without losing sight of the bigger picture or integrate additional aspects and areas into existing planning quickly and easily.

With W2MO – cloud solution since day one – you will always have all your data and results for presentations and discussions at hand. The key information is also accessible from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

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