Freight Cost Controlling and Optimization

Based on a detailed mapping of AS IS-costs with consideration of multidimensional tariff structures W2MO enables a precise controlling of freight rates for the entire logistics network. Multidimensional freight rates allow the mapping of rate structures which depend on the respective service provider, the geographical location (“zones”) of start and end point as well as various shipping characteristics.

Simple identification of freight costs by multidimensional tariff structures

W2MO allows to depict multidimensional tariff structures in an easy and transparent way. After a selection of areas for zoning directly on the map, the corresponding freight rates can be easily uploaded through a CSV interface (also per service provider). The areas can realign at given fields like country borders, but they can also be manually divided or supplemented with geo-information files.

Transparency with detailed mapping of as-is situation

W2MO visualizes product flows explicitly on the map, based on AS-IS flows, or calculates the product flows based on given order data. Consequently, the flows are valued with the given rate structures. This enables an overview of total costs in the logistics network alongside with immediate analysis of cost drivers.

Freight rates controlling at a single button click

W2MO calculates the expected freight costs for each order. Therefore, the actual costs invoiced from service providers can be compared with the expected freight costs per order at a single button click and the differences between them will be detected at a glance.


Simple comparison of offers

The offers of different service providers can be easily compared with the help of W2MO. After different freight rates have been imported, the various figures can be analyzed detailed in scenarios. Thus, the cheapest supplier can be quickly identified.

Simulation of scenarios

Based on the AS-IS situation, different scenarios can be easily reproduced, examined and evaluated. Examples: The switch to another service provider, quantitative and structural changes or the consideration of different service levels. Here scenarios with millions of movements are calculated and processed transparently in a minimum of time.

Easy implementation through SAP interface

The necessary data of the AS-IS situation can be quickly downloaded to W2MO either through a standard SAP interface or through other systems. Therefore, freight rate controlling can be efficiently triggered with large data volume, too.

Quick handling of large data volume with the help of modern technologies

With modern data base architecture (in-memory, NoSQL) W2MO can process very large data volume (e.g. several hundred millions of order lines) in a short time.

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