Supply Chain Controlling

An effective and efficient Supply Chain Controlling is possible with the help of W2MO. The combination of supply chain management and costs management results in efficiency and profitability. Multidimensional tariff structures enable precise mapping of the costs in the supply chain.


Discover the benefits of Supply Chain Controlling with W2MO

  • Transparency in the supply chain
    • Visual representation of product flows enables an overview of currently prevailing mass flows and allows common understanding of the processes.
    • Geographical distribution of suppliers, customers and orders can be quickly and easily visualized with the help of heat maps. Map information and quantity structures are interconnected and graphically reproduced. map_chain_controlling
  • Clarity in distribution of actual costs over single process steps
    • A source-related cost allocation is extrapolated by considering different handling and warehouse charges on locations and by assignment of the activities to single process steps.
    • The holistic approach of W2MO allows to calculate the costs for an item from suppliers via distribution center to customers.
  • Integration of supply chain models with detailed location models
    • Unlike other supply chain tools, W2MO considers a location not just as simple “Black Box”, but allows detailed logistics modelling of the location (e.g. production, warehouse). That is why changes of site-related costs are determined precisely each time when there is a change of quantities in the supply chain.
  • Detailed evaluation of costs and performance of carriers and suppliers
    • Even complex tariff systems of transporters or suppliers can be mapped quickly and easily by means of multidimensional freight costs.
    • Evaluation of actually existing costs in the supply chain and comparison with the expected expenses is possible as well. saply_chain_controlling
  • Processing of huge data volumes in an extremely short time
    • Due to direct integration with SAP, W2MO is constantly provided with the latest data. This is an essential condition for a successful Supply Chain Controlling.
    • Modern data base architecture of W2MO (in-memory, NoSQL) enables the analysis of huge data volumes which typically occurs in Supply Chain Controlling (e.g. hundreds of millions of transaction records). Such an analysis is ready within seconds.
  • Constant availability of current key figures
    • The current database allows permanent monitoring of relevant key figures.
    • This enables to use W2MO on a tactical level. For example to allocate items to warehouse locations or to assign branches to certain distribution centers.
  • Simulation and scenarios
    • Unlike operational systems that allow only an evaluation of the AS-IS, W2MO offers the possibility to execute various scenarios and simulations and to compare them with each other.
  • Identification of possibilities for improvement
    • With the help of detailed evaluations one can identify cost drivers and derive optimization measures (e.g. adjust the transport tariff structure).
    • The changes are directly evaluated and planned measures are ensured with the help of possible scenario calculations.
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