Case Pack Optimization With W2MO

Choosing the right case type / shipping container directly affects the transportation costs and logistics efficiency on a large scale. Typical tasks in this area are:

  • Optimized loading of shipping containers (e.g. cartons, gitter boxes, containers)
  • Identification of the optimal container/pallet for an order
  • Reduction of shipped air / empty space
  • Minimizing transport costs and packaging material via optimized case portfolio
  • Creation of 3D packing schemes to support the picking process
  • Transport consolidation by optimal loading of shipping containers
  • Container weight verification
  • Evaluation of required storage space in the warehouse
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W2MO Case Pack Optimization is a powerful system with huge potential in this area:

  • Calculation of optimal cases by volume:
    Simple precalculation methods of shipping containers consider only volume and weight of the freight and the container itself. This approach leads to fast results and can be fine-tunedand calibrated to good results by considering a certain safety margin or buffer, even when the exact product dimensions are unknown.
  • Calculation of transport containers according to product dimensions:
    W2MO provides an exact calculation of the required transport containers considering product dimensions by simulating a realistically packed case for each order. The optimal container will be selected according to this simulation. Both “mathematical” optimized packing and real packing processes (putting the items in a certain/predefined order) can be simulated.
  • Building of 3D package schemes:
    W2MO not only determines transport containers, but also calculates a package scheme at the same time. The schemeis directly created in 3D and is available in a highly interactive setting. The platform independence of W2MO brings many advantages: e.g. the 3D view can be accessed using alow budget tablet PC which can be accessed easily at a picker's work station or during the picking tour.
  • Application in network optimization:
    All W2MO functionalities are connected. Therefore, Case Pack Optimization can be also applied for network optimization for correct calculation and optimization of freight costs.
  • Cascaded packing:
    With the possibility of “cascaded packing”, multi-level packaging can be modeled as well. Example: product into box, box into pallet, pallet into truck.
  • Case Portfolio Optimization:
    Besides operational use, W2MO Case Pack Optimization can also optimize the portfolio of used transport containers. Containers and their sizes will be calculated for certain order scenarios. This generates minimized transport costs overall.
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There are several advantages of using W2MO, e.g.:

  • Operational connection between W2MO and the WMS to determine the optimal carton per order automatically (restrictions: material flow, express zone, stacking factors etc.)
  • Standard SAP interface (e.g. WM, EWM, TM)
  • Automatic creation of packaging schemes
  • Calculation of optimal container sizes on an operational, tactic or strategic level
  • Use of results on mobile devices
  • Good scalability (manages large amounts of data as well)
  • Flexible setting of restrictions, quick analysis of the impact
  • Low project costs with high benefit
  • Own 3D models for the products can be used easily

The only required data for a Case Optimization project are:

  • Product and order data (dimensions, weight, ...)
  • Information about available container / cases
  • Storage locations of the products (optional)

Additional restrictions that can be considered by W2MO during Case Optimization:

  • Picking amount, material flow at pick pack strategies, express zones
  • Product properties like stacking factor, compressibility etc.
  • Splitting of orders on several containers, if one is not sufficient
  • Packing of containers to ensure the stable storage of the items
  • Order-dependent maximum height per pallet
  • Interlacing
  • Stacking
  • Stability of the pallets

The following video shows a realuse case of calculated W2MO packaging schemes:

A case study about the successful Case Pack and Portfolio Optimization project at the whole Otto Group is available here

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