Activity- Based Costing in W2MO offers a possibility to assign indirect costs to products and processes

Activity-Based Costing in W2MO:

  • Enables precise cost calculation along the whole supply chain
  • Allocates overhead costs based on activities
  • Provides direct means of company funds control
  • Helps to distinguish between profitable and unprofitable products and processes
  • Allows to assign the "right" activities to the "right" locations
  • Compares various planning scenarios quantitatively in a few clicks
Coil warehouse

Benefits of Activity-Based Costing:

  • Uses standard times (MTM, Refa, measured with W2MO video process study) instead of inaccurate average productivity
  • Considers real handling and transport efforts in warehouse and supply chain
  • Visualizes additional activities and processes in your warehouse
  • Directly integrates pick times as extra cost
  • Compares e. g. products profitability
  • Use standard interfaces to facilitate data exchange

Basic ABC Task: Allocation of Value Added Services in a Supply Chain:

Coil warehouse

Process Cost Calculation vs. Efforts Calculation in W2MO:


Multiple reports on Products and Bill of Materials are available:

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