Special offer: Adaptation of the Supply Chain for companies from all industries

Easy, cost-effective start – results in a short time

The current crisis poses new challenges for all of us. Unthinkable disruptions in global supply chains require creative crisis management. At the same time, these experiences will permanently change the structures of all business areas, especially the supply chain management. Digitalization must be further promoted and transparent and integrated processes should be established.

Logivations supports you with its multi-award-winning tool W2MO and proven consulting expertise.

Challenges in dynamic and uncertain times

  • Find ways out of disruptive supply chains
  • Prioritize deliveries and capacities
  • Manage risks in the supply chain
  • Reduce expenses
  • Stay responsive

W2MO Supply Chain Design & Controlling
W2MO Supply Chain Design & Controlling

Focus on the future

  • Development of digital and integrated supply chain processes for transparency
    • Early information exchange in case of malfunctions and restart
    • Prerequisites for quick decisions
  • Redesign e.g.
    • Strengthening of regional and local supply networks
    • Extended diversification strategy

Easy and cost-efficient start, results in a short time

We support companies from all industries in adapting their supply chain with a special offer:

Each newly registered user of W2MO Business Executive Subscription receives 6 hours consulting and support per month for free for the first 3 months of use of this subscription . Our proven and experienced consultants can provide you with advice and support in order to adapt your company’s supply chain to the changed boundary conditions in the shortest possible time.

Interested? We are happy to inform you how your company can be supported at short notice by supply chain engineering with W2MO and Logivations’ logistics competence!

Feel free to contact us via contact form or email office@logivations.com

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