Software Implementation

Logivations uses the multi-awarded All-in-One Solution for logistics efficiency increase not only for consulting projects but also offers it to customers for their own use. Many companies operate with Logivations W2MO in day-to-day tasks.

W2MO allows to use all available data sources offering more than 200 customizable Interfaces, Excel-/CSV-Integration, direct SAP Integration, a general SQL-database connector and RESTful APIs.

This enormous range of integration possibilities is one of the reasons that enables W2MO to be the unique #1 solution on the market.

W2MO has been implemented at a large number of customers from different industries for planning and optimization of warehouse & production logistics and supply chain.

Supply Chain Design & Controlling

New Layout Design & Extension

Optimization of Existing Warehouses

Production Logistics

Deep Machine Learning

An agile approach has proven to be the right solution after the various customer projects during Logivations long-time experience in the implementation of innovative technology solutions.

The Scrum approach used by Logivations suggests an incremental / iterative approach in this context.

A significant advantage of this strategy is that the customer receives direct feedback from all project members during all project stages.

during all project stages.

This is achieved by creating the interim version at the end of each iteration which can be regularly tested by the customer (in Scrum it is called Sprint). This enables a permanent customer feedback which helps to improve the demands for the task.

Have a look at our numerous successful projects in this area:

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