Determine Process Times Using an Integrated Video-Based Process Study Application

The innovative W2MO video-based process study function allows you to use specific motion speeds instead of default times, making calculations more accurate and less-time consuming

Video-based process study starts with the direct and continuous observation of a task, using a timekeeping device (e.g. a stopwatch or a video-recording device) to determine the time taken to accomplish the task. It is used to calculate process times for different steps as well as process chains.

Procedure and flow:

Features of the W2MO video-based process study functionality:

  • Easy recording, analysis, documentation and optimization of all kinds of processes in production and logistics
  • Detailed calculation of the workload, split into separate elements, processes or granular activities
  • Recording / analyzing of both speeds and times
  • Elimination of time-wasting processes
  • Performance rating of employees: setting target times, e.g. for a complete picking process including packing and labeling, comparing with as-is times
Video Process Study

Just times are not enough – speeds are required!

In traditional time study applications you can just measure times. This approach is not feasible for logistics – in logistics you must be able to calculate times depending on the chosen path and start/end locations.

    Further Features:
  • Direct integration to W2MO layout: measured times are saved directly into the model database and influence all future calculations
  • Different levels of accuracy are possible: consideration between effort and time accuracy
  • Easy adjustment of extra processes: creation, description and recording of times and speeds in a single workflow
  • Setting up performance groups or recording of individual times per each worker/shift/warehouse team
  • Target/actual comparison for performance rating
  • Recording forklift or walking speed pushing a cart

Features – Video function

  • Shooting and saving specific workflows or entire process chains with the W2MO mobile app on any Android device
  • Other video sources possible as well – e.g. 'helmet cameras' (GoPro or similar)
  • Subsequent assignment of time periods to processes in the browser
  • Several processes and procedures can be created and measuredin a single video
  • Accuracy up to the tenth of a second
  • Privacy protection through automatic pixelation of faces
  • Use videos for training and process documentation, too

How much efforts does a Video-Based Process Study require?

  • Depending on the quantity of processes and the desired accuracy
  • Catalogue of SOPs to be investigated is beneficial
  • Reference:15 to 45 minutes of video recording per process
  • Depending on the complexity of recorded processes, the estimated period of time is 1-3 days for video recording and processing
  • Subscription or license of W2MO
  • An Android mobile phone or tablet

What are the resulting benefits?

  • Typically a well prepared process study may result in savings of 2 to 4 times of the invested efforts

Video-based process study Application also lets you measure default times through videos obtained from Android devices.

time study parameters
study results


  • Cloud-powered Video-Based Process Study
  • Usage of video recordings or 'live' recording during operations
  • Recording oftimes and speeds
  • Privacy protection with automatic pixelation of workers‘ faces when shooting a video
  • Direct integration with the multi-awarded software W2MO
  • Latest technology: HTML5-based, video playback without Flash
  • Fully integrated into W2MO enhanced activity based costing
  • SAP integration

Comparison of Different Scenarios and Cost is possible with a few Clicks

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