Automatic Creation of the Optimized Layout

The functionality of the Layout Design Optimizer (LDO) is aimed at automating, simplifying and accelerating the process of creating a warehouse layout. Requiring only a little amount of input information, the algorithm automatically creates a warehouse layout in 3D, taking into account principal restrictions.

Automatic creation of optimized warehouse layouts: the W2MO Layout Design Optimizer

To create an optimal layout there should be:

  • template racks which model the racks you might use for the new laoyut/warehouse area
  • empty stations which model the pick and reserve areas (together with constrains, e.g., columns)
  • imported or created data: products, sample order sets with their orderlines

You can enter additional parameters for a new warehouse layout:

  • number and width of aisles
  • maximum number of products per bin
  • needed transport
  • storage of fast-moving goods

In order to reduce moving efforts the complex algorithm specifies the optimal balance between the pick and replenishment area. The fast-moving products are placed in the best possible way.

Benefits and use:

  • The layout is calculated at one click.
  • All layout components are optimally organized based on the mathematical optimization.
  • A rational approach is used for layout design.
  • With minimal effort the user will be provided with a benchmark, from which he can explore further optimization potentials.

It is easy and quick to run different scenarios for the created layout and to use it with other functions of W2MO.