Case Pack Design and Optimization

Save transportation costs and packaging material with Case Pack Portfolio Optimization of W2MO. With W2MO you can visualize your packaging processes as well as create a convenient packing scheme.

Case Pack

Optimization of container portfolios with W2MO:

  • suitable for very large amounts of data
  • reduces the cost of an optimal portfolio of shipping containers
  • reduces the unused space and thereby taking into account the consumers' environmental awareness
  • minimizes transportation costs
  • low project costs with short payback periods

Case Pack Portfolio Optimization calculates a new set of case types, achieving the best possible results for the goals mentioned above. All three dimensions of these new case types are determined. The solution displays the number of used cases for each type, the unused space and the number of articles in the calculated cases.

Furthermore, consider various boundary conditions and additional functions with Case Pack Optimization:

  • Orders can be splitted to several cases, if needed
  • Sturdier packing of the articles
  • Visualization of the resulting cases in 3D
  • Articles in cases can be edited manually in 3D

Learn more about Logivations achievements with Case Pack Optimization and a major project with the Otto Group here.

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