Case Pack Optimization

Choosing the right transport packaging has a major impact on transport costs and the logistics efficiency. W2MO optimizable transport containers include e.g. cartons, cases, pallets or containers.

Simple methods of transport box prediction consider solely the volume and weight of both the objects to be transported and the transport containers to be used. This procedure, by which the objects are vividly "liquefied", requires a high safety margin ("air ") in the transport container, as in most cases the dimensions of certain objects to be packaged do not fit in any combination in a container.

The Case Pack Optimization of W2MO is an extremely smart system that calculates the shipping box particularly with respect to the dimensions of the objects to be packaged as well as those of a shipping container, and many other restrictions (such as stacking factors, etc.), and considering the material flow in logistics in particular. Thus, the sent amount of air can be decreased, which will lead to the reduction of the transport costs and the cost of shipping container material (e.g. cardboard).

W2MO not only determines the transport container, but also calculates a package scheme. It is shown in 3D, in a highly interactive environment. Once again, the W2MO platform independence reveals its advantages: the 3D view can be accessed, for example, from an economic Tablet PC and is therefore available at the workplace of a freight forwarder.

In addition to the functional application, the W2MO Case Pack Optimization can optimize the portfolio of the used shipping boxes. Provided the order scenarios are given, the type of transport containers and the dimensions of these transport containers will be determined that will finally lead to an overall reduction in material and transport costs.

And of course: the use of these sophisticated algorithms is available either as a service (monthly rent) directly on the Web, or by acquiring a license and installation on your own hardware.

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